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07-19-2004, 12:05 PM
Hey guys I've had the game for a month now and I'm ready to go play online. From reading around it seems there are several places to play. I really dont care for the arcade style flying but would like to find some realistic dogfighting and coop missions. Where is the best place to find those?

07-19-2004, 12:05 PM
Hey guys I've had the game for a month now and I'm ready to go play online. From reading around it seems there are several places to play. I really dont care for the arcade style flying but would like to find some realistic dogfighting and coop missions. Where is the best place to find those?

07-19-2004, 12:09 PM
Lots of places:

birds of prey server
Virtual Pilots1
F_16 Dedicated

Just to name a few.

All are waiting for you on HyperLobby (http://hyperfighter.jinak.cz/).

07-19-2004, 12:12 PM
wow, good list, thanks. Do most of these use 3rd party software?

07-19-2004, 12:14 PM
Goodluck getting started!

The unfriendly skies can be rough on the newcomer. Don't get discouraged and try and somewhat try to fly wing for an experienced pilot to learn the ropes. If you just take off and watch what they do, you will learn alot.
Also, remember to get some altitude in case you have to bug out.

The servers where you will find the most realism are imho: Greatergreen, Birds of Prey full real, and Warclouds. Basically in that order. Greatergreen you usually have some ground objective, so the smart teams cover and send out bombers or jabo's to hit the objectives and win. Also Greatergreen has a diverse planeset and rotates new maps in with regularity.

all of the servers i mentioned above are DF (dogfight) servers. You should download Hyperlobby to get you started connecting. It's a gamespy type client tha lets you connect to and play a bunch of sims. Just give urself a callsign and you wil be good to go with HL. It will find all the servers you will need to get going.

Good Luck!


07-19-2004, 12:25 PM
Get HyperLobby, which is a 3rd party software, and you can join those and many other servers once you log in.

Oh, I forgot to mention Bellum War, which, along with VEF, VWF, Ghost Skies and others, offer full-switch organized online wars you can fight in.

07-19-2004, 12:28 PM
I have no intention of causing a problem for anyone here, but dogfight servers no matter the settings are the most unrealistic aspect of flying in this sim.

The simulation of a more accurate wartime flying environment can be and is better simulated in a cooperative missions and online wars. Getting up in the air mano e mano in a dogfight server in no way simulates the actual encounter a pilot would likely have during wartime. That is NOT to say it is not fun yadda yadda. But the post title said "realistic" online play and coops and online wars with communications between flyers on a set mission start to finish is the more realistic online experience.

Things like fuel loads, opposition and other things are better represented in coops missions and online wars. Just felt that a new guy needed to know about these others options.

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07-19-2004, 12:41 PM
After playing FPS's for years, I also just started online flying.

It can be very HARD for a n00b online. But most of the peeps I have played with are mature and help out alot. I usually play on Janos71 and a Canadian Fbserver. A great group of guys.

As the man said, servers with coop, were one or two fly bombers or JABO's are really fun.

Hopefully we will meet each other out there.


07-19-2004, 12:53 PM
sweet, I appreciate the info guys. I'll give a try tonight. One more thing, about communications, I hear more and more that I need to get teamspeak, and to not even bother with the built in radio. Whats up with that?

TgD Thunderbolt56
07-19-2004, 01:04 PM
Voice communications have become a mainstay in the online gaming world, especially where "teamwork" is concerned. TeamSpeak ( http://www.teamspeak.org ) is the most common and some online servers even have a "community" server for people playing on it.

If the server you're playing doesn't have one, you can still start your own channel on one of the teamspeak public servers and invite others to join. Don't be surprised if people don't immediately join though as they may already be on coms with someone else.

The ingame radio communications is NOT worth the time and is disruptive to the others in the game as anything spoken will be heard by all players.

Hang around and try some of the servers described earlier and give them more than one shot. It can (and likely will) be frustrating initially, but gets better and easier the more familiar you become with the settings, maps and players.



99th Obsidian
07-19-2004, 01:35 PM
As a online flight sim veteran (since Janes WWII fighters), I strongly recommend you participate in COOP missions as opposed to FFA Dogfight servers. Most COOP mission servers have missions that seek to recreate an WWII actual or similiar sortie. Dogfights servers prey on Noobies. http://ubbxforums.ubi.com/images/smiley/16x16_smiley-mad.gif No matter how good a pilot you think you are, you will have a negative initial experience in most DF servers. http://ubbxforums.ubi.com/images/smiley/16x16_smiley-sad.gif

Join a squad that flies the planes you like, get comms, and fly Coops with them. My squad primarily flies coops against AI. However, if its a mano-e-mano experience you are looking for then volunteer to fly OPFOR (opposing force). You'll fly the same mission but from the other side and on a different comms channel. Then you can have your 6 owned by someone you know. http://ubbxforums.ubi.com/images/smiley/mockface.gif The experience should not only be more realistic, but more fun as well.

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07-19-2004, 02:14 PM
If you don't care for arcade style flying. stay out of DF arenas...ANY DF arenas. Any similarity between a DF arena and the way WWII air battles were fought is purely coincidental.

Coops are best. The virtual wars are okay, although the scoring ladders tend to take away any real cooperation or coordination. The mission is easily forgotten in favor of racking up scores.

All that said, DFs are probably a good way to get your feet wet on line. But unless you just like endless, mindless furballing, I'd just use them as practice arenas.

Whatever you choose, welcome and good luck!


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