View Full Version : Stuck in AC1 Animus loading screen on Windows 10

11-10-2016, 07:13 PM
so i have spent 5 hours trying to figure this out, the animus toturial runs fine with no issues, but when i finish the toturial and the game is trying to load you into the sanctuary where you meet the templars i just stay in the animus loading screen. i can run around, so it does not freeze, but the game wont load any further. i have tried both directx versions, i've tried running with admin, running in compatibillity mode, reinstalled but nothing works! someone please help figure out whats wrong..
assassins creed 2 runs perfectly if that helps
my specs
Nvidia gtx 1080
intel core i7-6700k cpu @ 4.00 Ghz
16 gb ram
windows 10

11-12-2016, 11:26 AM
Dunno if this will help, but it might be worth trying atleast...