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11-07-2016, 06:18 AM
If i am not mistaken, the AC Unity took place in Paris 1789, French Revolution

1. Paris in the game looks miserable and dirty. Is it really what Paris looked like during 1789?

2. There is part in the game wherein you come across the Holy Innocents' Cemetery. This cemetery was destroyed in 1786 (bodies were exhumed and transferred to Paris Catacombs), according to wikipedia. But in the game which took place in 1789 the cemetery is still there with so many bones scattered around the area.

Maybe the destruction of the cemetery in 1786 was not complete and the authorities still continue to destroy the cemetery up to 1789?

11-07-2016, 12:28 PM
This is a game with a historical setting but not a game about historical facts... so although it can throw in some famous people and locations, they do not need to look exactly as they were and they do not have to be historically correct. :)

Also, the game is about accessing the past through memories, 2 people can remember an event in a completely different way. Memories do not always recall exact dates. So however the game is.... it is exactly right. :)

11-07-2016, 06:29 PM
In ACIV they deliberately put Havana Cathedral in, despite it not actually being build for another 50 years, because they liked the building. Similar thing here I imagine. Artistic licence and all that...

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11-07-2016, 10:16 PM
I think the important part here is that things like this took place "around that time", if it is not the exact year and like 3 years off, who cares really, it shows an aspect of the time, which actually happened, not necessarily at this exact date, but close enough. IMO the city looks much cleaner in the game, as it was in reality - people at that time tended to empty their chamber pots right into the streets. Reality might have been far more disgusting than a game could ever show it. In the end it is a game, not a reality simulation, it should be fun to play, and not make us vomit by seeing the actual historical reality. Just look at the NPC; most are quite properly dressed, you rarely if ever see really poor people. Not even to talk about the other side of parisian life, what about the many brothels, which are not in the game.

This is an aspect of Paris, which is totally hidden from the eyes of the player. There are some *****s in the streets, which offer their services, but as it is in french, it might not be so obvious. Brothels on the other side were centers of actual public life, where the rich enjoyed forbidden pleasures and even made business deals and political arrangements - this was not like red light districts nowadays, but much more normal life and all over the place in Paris.

11-08-2016, 01:48 PM
Paris was sadly lacking water in the era prior to the first decade of the nineteenth century, under Napoleon, so 1. should be correct.

Lysette's remark about clothes is probably spot on. I remember some interview with the designers of the original AC and they mentioned how, while the style of clothing is generally period correct, ordinary people in the game are dressed more or less how rich would have been dressed. The clothes of ordinary people were much less colourful, rater dull looking, so they decided to make things a little prettier and more interesting for the game. It wouldn't be strange if they did that for most of the games that followed. Nothing wrong with that in my book, art should be prettier than real life. :)

As for no 2., you are totally right. The game designers take certain liberties when there is an interesting monument which would be a pity to omit from the game. At one point in AC II, Sean points out to Desmond that a certain statue (I believe near the Ospedale degli innocenti) was only erected a couple of years later, but they included it in the Animus data anyway because it was pretty. This time, it is not merely cosmetic, as the cemetery is the location of one of the main missions and it definitely didn't exist in 1789, as it was replaced by a market square in 1787 already (yes, I had to google that :D). It was such a good mission, though.