View Full Version : Can we have something else than just a artefact (look back at the older/new games)

11-06-2016, 03:23 PM
I don't hate the Pieces of Eden but it gets so repetitive after a while.

Look back than it was a surprise

I thought this was new (Because no one saw it coming and we loved it XD. You beat up the ''evil'' pope as a playboy Assassin and the pope a person who doesn't care about the bible admits he does this all for the money and power. You meet than a AI God thing, wake up outside the Animus and say WTF) This was new that's what I am getting at.

In Brotherhood we were just after a Apple that was destroyed untill Revelations ''tried'' to explain it.


But the thing here is that it introduced us to more and made us use the bleeding effect to get the Apple (Junos speeches let to nothing unfortunately)

AC Revelations a game that didn't need to exist still had a interesting ending and was good.

...AC3 look for a artefact to save the world (I rather not talk about the end)...

AC4 look for a artefact

AC Unity: go after the sage but a artefact was just put in there

AC Syndicate: Go look for a artefact and watch a CG cutscene

I have not finished the Last Descendants but can we please add more to this now. I'm kinda getting tired

Lok you can disagree with me which I expect but I think you guys know what I am getting at and I wish the Modern Day has a closed ending for once