View Full Version : Splinter Cell The Best Series Of All Time... Spies Vs Mercs

11-04-2016, 01:56 AM
What has happened to splinter cell???...This is hands down the best game Ubisoft has ever had going for them yet it's on the backburner, It's hard to even find anything splinter cell related when on the ubisoft website. If this game was remastered back to Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory it would be once again the best game out, until a year ago when they finally shutdown the splinter cell chaos theory servers people were still playing and the game still held up the same way it did in 2005, it's still a masterpiece in 2016 and was still more fun then any game that proceeded after it for the next 10 years.

The multiplayer experience of Spies Vs Mercs has yet to be surpassed by any game mode, by any game that has been released after the early splinter cell's, I'm not talking blacklist, nor am I talking conviction, after double agent the series in terms of the multiplayer was completely ruined. I am talking splinter cell: Pandora Tomorrow, and the upgraded Chaos theory which if the format of spies vs mercs we're kept the same in the new games this series would be massive, everyone would be playing Spies vs Mercs, I can't say enough about this game and the community and people I met while playing it, it is unlike any other multiplayer experience, people were genuinely nice and whether you won or lost you logged off the game with a smile and you couldn't be in a more of a rush to play it the next day.

If you took splinter cell chaos theory and got the servers running again and put it on steam and promoted it, just the multiplayer alone, if this game came out on steam tomorrow it is the best game on the steam store (I understand it's already on there but theres 3 newer splinter cell's which should just be removed), I've been playing hundreds of hours of Rainbow six Siege another familiar series but not even Rainbow which I love even comes close to how good splinter cell is. This game was reviewed at 9+/10 every review when it was released and if it was released again in 2016 it would hold up the same. I would love to see a new splinter cell game with the Old Spies vs Mercs as I think everyone would but as I was saying this game could simply be resold as a versus mode only and be top played, Graphics and everything else about this game are still good and can be still used, and not until about a year ago were the servers for splinter cell chaos theory taken down, and there was still a very loyal community playing and even more players then the newest game blacklist which I'm sure If I tried playing the newest splinter cell blacklist I wouldn't find a single player to play with, People played that game and moved on..People who played Splinter cell: Pandora tomorrow, SC: Chaos Theory and even Double agent CAN'T MOVE ON. THE GAME IS TOO GOD DAMN GOOD. Please someone working for ubisoft understand that whether you made an anniversary addition which so many game companies are doing or if you just simple re put up the Chaos theory servers and actually promoted the game a bit that it would be an automatic hit.

Just imagine on the uplay store or steam store the top banner "Spies vs Merc" $9.99 the most fun game ever played back in action, snapping necks and ubisoft is cashing cheques.

If this can't happen pass this message on to whoever decides to make the next game.

1: SC Chaos Theory
2: SC Pandora Tomorrow
3: SC Double Agent

and the rest of the games were junk just purely based on the fact Spies vs Mercs was destroyed completely. There was a reason so many people that played pandora tomorrow instantly bought chaos theory and when double agent came out everyone switched to that, after double agent the series was lost, even double agent pushed the boundaries trying to go for a faster paced game and it was still good but Conviction and then the half *** spies vs mercs revamp on blacklist didn't cut it and it didn't sell....Splinter cell's roots come from the first 3 splinter cell games, ending with the best of all CHAOS THEORY. I know from the rainbow series, ubisoft you tend to stray away from what made a game great in the first place but with rainbow you went full circle and came back to the roots with an amazing game I feel you can do the same with spies vs mercs, but honestly a new game isn't even needed, what you have is great you just need to press the on button for the servers again and for crying out loud put Splinter Cell on your website with your major titles, this is a damn tom clancy game and should be front and center.