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11-03-2016, 06:02 PM
I've been thinking what cool things they could do with clans, ranked is fairly basic, you play a match, some variable determines how many points you get and you move up or down if you win or lose.

However Clan wars can be made to be more interesting as it is large groups of people involved.

Keep in mind this is just me, some random dude that really likes for Honor made the idea, it isn't final or anything, just something I hope one day could be put into for honor. This is just an idea, it can change a lot, be customized. I hope the devs will look at this and eventually make something like this a reality. I have seen that a lot of people wanted a siege mode in the game, so this is the best idea I could come up with. It is ambitious but when I shared this idea, people said, that it is doable.

Clan Creation and the World Map

So when you create your clan you give it a name and a tag, simple easy. Then once you go into clan wars you get put into the world map, your clan begins in a camp. Camp doesn't benefit with anything other than, well your clan exists. So you as the leader of your clan create loadouts, you create them for; Right Hand, Commanders, Heroes. But we will speak about that more a bit later. So let's say your clan has 30 people in it, by you lot playing ranked you gain Gold (The Character currency is Steel so it would make sense for clans to have gold) with Gold you can purchase items for your clan, these are items such as improving the loadouts of your clan members, for example buying gear that your commanders can use. However the most important thing at the beginning is to improve your camp into a village.

Matchmaking, Gold

When you upgrade your Camp into a village, you become able to have proper clan wars from now. On the world map you can now see other villages that belong to other clans, you can try to capture or build up more gold by playing ranked and that a village automatically produces Gold. The game will only show you Clans that are at a similar stage as you are, for example your overall gold is 1200 that you earned since your clan was created, the game will only allow you to see clans that made 1000-1500 gold. So it is fair, we will speak about how the actual conquering and defending of Land works in a second. If you gained enough Gold then you are able to create or turn one of your villages into a castle, however you always need to have 1 village. A castle is the basis of everything, Villages are tiny and the battles there are not worth much, they are easy to make. However a Castle generates a lot of Gold now, can be upgraded and improves how your clan can be upgraded.

Castles and Upgrades

The Castle proves that your clan is able to operate well enough through it's own means, this means you are expected to defend it from enemies. Therefore you can use Gold to make it easier to Defend (Defending a Castle should be easier than Conquering one) for example, Oil Barrels that you can throw down at enemies trying to get over the wall. You can also purchase upgrades for the castle so it generates more Gold. However simply making your castle stronger won't be enough, you have to upgrade your army. Which gets us to the actual combat.

Roles and Battle

When you reach the stage of a castle the roles and battle is more important as taking over a castle is very beneficial since it generates Gold, you get other rewards that we will speak about later. The Roles on the Battlefield will be important, as during battle you can have 1 Leader, 1 Right Hand, 4 Commanders, 10 Heroes and AI Captains+Soldiers. The Roles are as follow:

The Leader - Very powerful player, he has a large health pool, does good damage and gives orders to the commanders. The Leaders gets 12 passive feats when the clan reaches a stage of a Castle, however they can only equip 4 of them in a battle, these feats are very powerful buffs that effect the whole team. These vary from 20% more damage to Revenge Builds up 25% Faster. However, when a Leader dies he doesn't respawn for 100 seconds, and the feats are not active until they are back on the battlefield, therefore it is smart to keep your leader safe and don't charge into the battle as him although you are very powerful, the risk of losing those buffs for 100 seconds while the enemies have them is a great risk. The leader can give orders to the commanders at any time, even when they're dead. For Example, LB+RB and X/Y/B/A (Each are one commander) can tell a specific command that the commander should do with his people, for example a leader can tell a commander to go help the battering ram.

Right Hand - A powerful character however not as powerful as the leader, he gets active feats such as, boost morale of your allies for a short duration, catapult strike etc. He commands 2 Heroes and since he is powerful he can be a good person to attack and do a good push or defend a part where a lot of enemies are trying to get through. His Loadout can Use Heroic Gear (AKA Purple Gear) and below if the leader made a loadout like that. The Right Hand is expected to give orders to the army when the leader dies but doesn't need to listen to the leader as he is expected to take his own initiative. It takes 40 seconds for a Right Hand to Respawn.

The Commanders - There is 4 of them on each team, they all command 2 Heroes. The Commanders are as strong as a generic Multiplayer Character with Blue Gear. The commanders are commanded by the leader (Right Hand if leader is dead) and are expected to follow what they tell them, for attacking they are good because they respawn in 20 seconds therefore they can help the battering Ram, attack at ladders without much risk of having a big disadvantage if they die. On Defense they can help to defend the walls from ladders, stopping any breaches with their small team. They can't activate Revenge mode.

The Heroes - They are weaker than a generic Multiplayer character however stronger than Captains. They are commanded by their commander and are useful as a Commander can be outmatched by a gang of enemies as a commander can't use revenge mode, therefore the Heroes' are there to help them. They can activate revenge mode and are only able to wear basic/grey gear. They respawn in a mere 10 seconds, and try to respawn as close to their commander as they can however can only spawn a certain distance from any closeby enemies, and if attacking, can't spawn inside the enemy castle.

Captains and Soldiers - These are controlled by AI, the leader selects how they operate, for example a leader pre battle can specify that there should be at least 10 soldiers and 2 captains working on the battering Ram, The more people on Siege machines the better they are. There are 25 Captains and 150 soldiers per team, the captains respawn in waves after 30 seconds and Soldiers Respawn every 15 in groups. If the leader chooses so, they are able to give a certain amount of soldiers and captains to command for themselves, the right hand or the commanders. So they are active during battle.

So those are the roles of people on the battlefield, however there is much more to it, it is meant to be easier to defend a castle rather than conquer one however each side has a different way of winning. The Attackers get 400 respawns, while Defenders get 500. (These games are meant to last about one hour. Also keep in mind it is 16vs16) When you own a castle your 1+ Villages can't be attacked.

- They can Kill the enemies 500 times therefore they go into breaking and can't respawn anymore, and after that simply finish them off.
- Get into the Lords Hall and capture it. However Enemies respawn very close, they can contest it very easily as it is a large space, takes 30 seconds to actually capture the point when not contested, after a capture the enemies go into breaking and if they throw all the attackers off the point they will have to capture it all over again.
- The Enemies can Surrender
- In the Lords Hall the leaders can declare a duel, however dangerous as if your leader loses then your team loses the whole battle.

- Take away the 400 respawns and finish the enemies of while they're breaking.
- Enemies Retreat.
- Leaders declare a duel in the Lords Hall.

The Game can end in a "Draw", if the defending leader feels like they don't want this battle anymore, they can try to negotiate with the enemies, for example give a certain amount of Gold, give one extra village that they own. If the attacking leader accepts, the match ends, the attackers get what they signed for and can't attack the same clan for some time.

The Castles are big maps, therefore attackers have to do a lot of work to get into the Lords Hall. This will require Siege machines, ladders ETC. The siege machines operate better if there is people supporting them, soldiers make them work, captains make them slightly better, the player characters make them much stronger.

Siege Machines - These are used by both sides.

- Ladders, the Leader pre battle selects the placement of ladders, the army will keep on trying to get those ladders set up, however the defenders can knock them down if they are not being supported. To support a ladder you can command captains to do so, or you can do it yourself as a human character to make them much more stable by going to their sides, and holding them so it is harder to push them by the defenders and they will need to orientate more people to take it down.
- Catapults, You can have up to two Catapults, they don't fire very fast however if there is enough people supporting it, it will reload faster and be more accurate, hitting one spot of the walls will make a breach in the wall, allowing the attackers to push through, after the wall the catapults can't be used any more to damage the castle, however they will keep shooting into the courtyard working as a weaker catapult strike.
- Battering Ram, this is used to take down the main gate, the main gate is a very important place to open as it will allow a lot of soldiers to easily access forward into the castle. Making the defenders have a harder time.

- Oil Barrels, these can be thrown down at ladders, to kill/damage the supporters so your team can knock the ladder down, can be used against the battering ram to kill and damage the soldiers trying to knock down the main gate.
- Ballistas/catapults, These are placed on the walls, they act like the catapult strike etc. If they are supported they will target important areas, such as the catapults, archers, people carrying ladders. Repairing a catapult takes around minute if a lot of soldiers/captains are on it.

How the Castles will look like
The Castles will have 4 main parts, the 4th being the Lords Hall:

- The Main Gate/Walls - This is where the battle starts, the defenders have to protect them, while the attackers need to get behind them. The Main Gate can be opened from the inside by the attackers, it will take 30 seconds of holding the interaction button, it is fairly slow however much faster than the battering ram, the progress of opening the gate will degrade if isn't attempted by the attackers for long enough, however it will degrade very slowly.

- The Courtyard - After the gates are opened, there is a big door leading further into the castle, the only way it can be opened is by the attackers storming into the castle and finding the chain to open it, this will be difficult as the castle is designed for the defenders to have an easier time, if the attackers push enough they need to interact with the controls to open it, will take about 30 seconds with one person and 15 with 2 however if they get interrupted their progress is automatically removed, and have to do it again.

- The Castle - this is in the corridors inside the castle. There's a lot of space they have to walk through to get into their next objective, a door protected by the defenders, the door takes around a minute to open by one person, 5 seconds less per another person helping up to 30 seconds, the progress gets wiped if interrupted, the problem now is that the defenders now get 50 archers that respawn every minute, they are above looking down at the door, they work as a small arrow storm, it is much weaker, however still kills soldiers and staggers people caught in it, therefore the attackers should go upstairs and try to get rid of them as they are pretty much normal soldiers when up close, it is a good idea for defenders to protect them, as it is almost impossible to open the door with them alive.

-The Lords Hall - This is the final point for the defenders, it takes 30 seconds without contesting to capture it, it is a large room, defenders spawn very close. It is clearly where the final stand for the defenders is as if the attackers manage to get that far, it is clear they are winning. Here the Leaders are able to declare a duel between each other, and the attackers get extra 200 respawns.(The Lords Hall is a indicator that the attackers are winning, and it means defenders deserve to lose.)

Post Battle, Peace, Reputation and Rewards

After the Battle the winning team Keeps their castle, and gains money, or if attacking get a new castle. However, according to how many of your people died during battle you get fined, you have to pay for the materials used, etc. However the winning is going to gain a profit out of a battle.
If you are the defenders you also have to pay for repairing the castle, if you do not pay the money, and you get attacked again before repairing, your castle will be weak, meaning siege weapons will be very strong against your castle, so a battering ram will take down the main gate very easily.

After a win you also gain Honor, this is shared by the clan, the leader can spend it for bonuses that are exclusive to clan wars, for example get a new cool engraving or color pallet for everyone in the clan, this is to show that your clan, is best clan.

Clans can also Sign Peace treaties, which is tied in to a Reputation system. The Peace means that your castles, will have a working trade between, meaning you both gain more gold as trade is being made. If a clan is friendly with a lot of clans by sending gifts or accepting a negotiation offer during a battle, they gain positive Reputation which means that having peace with you and the trade will give more money for both of you, therefore other clans benefit from having peace with you. However if you attack a clan that you have peace with you will gain negative Reputation, if you have too much of this, making peace with you generates less gold than it could, and Clans that have signed peace with you can break the treaty as you can't be trusted, this can lead to a lot of clans attacking you making you lose gold quickly and most likely eventually losing your castles.

11-03-2016, 06:16 PM
Bruh amazing idea. I like the Honor idea a lot.

11-04-2016, 08:23 AM
This is a very creative and interesting idea. I would definitely try out this gamemode if they add it to the main game and modify it a little to fit For Honor's scene.

11-04-2016, 11:21 AM
This is a very creative and interesting idea. I would definitely try out this gamemode if they add it to the main game and modify it a little to fit For Honor's scene.

Yeah, I'm just a dude that likes the game, if this idea went through, it would go through actual professionals so they would've made it fitting into the game.

11-04-2016, 01:53 PM
Dude, everything about this is amazing

11-04-2016, 04:42 PM
Awesome idea, i love how much taught you put into the mode, shame it will be an implementation nightmare on Ubisoft's part in this late stage of the games development :(

Maybe in the next DLC we will see something similar, i hope :)

11-04-2016, 09:23 PM
Hey Coma !

This is beyond cool. I would love to have this kind of clan-mechanic ! Actually, at the moment i am not even sure if they will include something as simple as guild-names (wow-style), guild chat and customizable sigils. I really hope they will and think the game would benefit greatly from it. Including customizable Clan fortresses sounds much too good to come true, but we can always hope, right :) ?

I think there should some things be considered, though :
I dig the idea of having several ranks within the clan which have an effect of the characters role in clanwars. But tying them to different character-models with certain stats is problematic imo. I think it moves away too much from the skill-based approach and the art-of-battle system which is at the very heart of the game. If i had a word in this, i would be against it. Just our own, customized, personal heroes, proudly bearing the sigil of the clan. There could be visual exclusives for the clan-leader or something, but nothing more. Clan bosses and the people next to them should be pretty semi-pro-like gamers, anyway (or else your not worthy of my service ;) )

Aside from that i can only give the clan-war-mode praise. I d like to see A LOT more of that ingame.
For example tournaments between clans, were the emphasis lies on duels, between the clans champions, while the other participants watch and cheer!

However, the scale of your awsome idea is bigger than anything we can expect to be implemented before release and has more contend than most comanies would put into an DLC. Pretty sure if they decide to emplement customizable castles and detailed clan-war options, they would make it an expansion, or even stamp "ForHonor 2" on it. If that should happen and For Honor itself turns out to work, i'd be a happy customer

FHL Team sbt
11-08-2016, 08:00 PM
Amazing idea. i think a clan system of any kind is really needed !

11-14-2016, 05:36 PM
Solid idea, great job Coma!

Hoping that this will become a real thing in the future!

12-13-2016, 05:57 PM
Fantastic idea, Coma! You've certainly put a lot of thought into your proposal, and I hope your idea is considered!

12-13-2016, 11:24 PM
Awesome!!!!! Just awesome!