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11-01-2016, 08:33 PM
I have a problem with assassin creed syndicate game It does not work fine and very slow and Sometimes it freezes ?

I See only 128 MB on a graphics card ? See attached photo!

My PC device Intel® NUC 6 i7 KYK - Intel iris pro graphics 580 RAM 32 GB

please help me....


11-01-2016, 11:21 PM
Your system is not made to run a demanding game like Syndicate, it will stutter, because it has just a very low amount of dedicated Video-RAM and has to shift all of the rest through normal RAM, which is by far slower and so you will see stutter and have in general a very low frame rate. It will run games which need a lot less graphic memory very well though, so it can be used for gaming, but not for games, which require a very high amount of actual dedicated video RAM - mine does as well not have all the video RAM it would require, but it has 12 times more than yours and so it runs well, even I cannot use all ultra features if I want it to run smoothly. Your system will always struggle, there is not much what can be done, it simply lacks the hardware to run smoothly, even on low settings.

I use high settings with some on ultra - and have about 60% of the required dedicated video RAM.
Your system is using low settings and has just 6.2% of the required dedicated video RAM - and there is the bottleneck.

One of the reasons it still runs fine on my system is that it is an Nvidia card and those ultra features, which I selected, are hardware supported by Nvidia Gameworks, otherwise I would experience stutter as well. This just to clarify, why I achieve smooth results nevertheless. So the final conclusion is, you will have to play it on a different computer, yours will not make you happy while playing it.

Edit: just for your information - Iris pro graphics are not a video card per se, those are embedded systems in your CPU, which explains, why the actual "video memory" is just 128 MB - it is actually embedded DRAM - and seen from the processor it is L4 cache even, used to feed the execution units on the chip. It is a great solution for the purpose it is made for, excellent for high-end Ultrabooks used for graphical business applications and a few less demanding games on board of an airplane - but certainly not as the main machine for a gamer, who wants to play cutting edge games.