View Full Version : Looking for members (Black Rose Gaming)

10-31-2016, 03:52 PM
Our teamspeak 3 server: ts3.blackrosegaming.net

We have at least 100 active players

Easy to use and understand

7 day trial(so trolls are a nono)every member is thoroughly examined :D*Good for both competitive and fun playstyles
All ranks are welcome :D

No charge

Community events and competitions weekly!

16+ EU and NA server supporting multiple games like Overwatch, LoL, CSGO, and RocketLeague

For all of you competitive players, you can make a team or join one, willing to practice everyday and make it into the Pros :D You can check us out for as long as you want, dont be afraid to comment and ask questions! Join us now at ts3.blackrosegaming.net

12-30-2016, 06:58 AM
Is this clan and/or group still active and/or recruiting members still I would love to join as a competitive player and practice as well as improve with a team I love six siege to bits, I would love to improve greatly. I hope this group is active cause I'm NA and I play at least 4-6 hours daily or more.