View Full Version : Looking to play with a team (or build up to one) for Ranked

10-31-2016, 01:08 AM
Hiya :3 My UPlay name is Ahsto and I've been playing R6S since January (I've got 300+ hours right now.) I'm looking to form or join a team with people who are looking to (maybe) move on to competitive. I can play Siege pretty much every day (and do!) I don't have a rank on ranked right now because I play by myself about 99% of the time, so I don't bother with ranked; but if I got someone to play with, then I'd be cool with playing ranked! I use my mic and do not spot the enemy with the drone just cuz. I'm super big on communication! I do have teamspeak and (in case you're curious) I use a Blue Snowball for my mic :3

A bit of background :P

I'm 18. I'm looking to study in Germany for 2017-18. I lived there for about 5 years, although I've now been living in the US for a bit over a year. Right now, I'm studying for the TestDaF (German language profinciency test for university) and happen to LOVE to learn foreign languages. Like, a tonne :3 List of languages that I "speak:" (English, German, Esperanto.) I also spend my time (besides R6S) working on developing a field in maths dealing with modulätion and iteration theory which is really mind boggling :3

Only one thing. I'm an IB senior, so come May, I will be off quite a bit because my life will become an academic hell.

My Steam is Ahsto!


10-31-2016, 10:19 AM
Hallo !!

sehr schön.

Similar life story :D

add me on uplay.


11-02-2016, 12:10 PM
Hey there mate.

I'm up for it! Can't say I have the same backstory though :(

But please, do add me on Uplay :)