View Full Version : Tool selector in AC Rogue

10-28-2016, 08:08 PM
So I started playing assassin's creed rogue the other day and I got up to the part in sequence 3 or 4 where you have to blow up a door with a shrapnel grenade (I am playing on a laptop PC).

It tells me to select the shrapnel grenade using the mouse scroller (which I thought for me would be pg up and pg down because in the map function the zooming works with those two buttons). However, my tool selector actually defaulted to the numbers on the keyboard ( 7 is sleep dart, 8 is berserk dart, 9 is something else etc etc. ) and it got all the way up to the "+" sign which was my sleep grenade - but nothing else. That is to say that it stopped assigning tools to numbers and symbols because it clearly ran out of buttons to assign them to. Thus, I am unable to select my shrapnel grenades and unable to blow up the door and unable to progress further through the game. I tried installing a mouse to get an actual scroller working and that didn't work and I tried button mashing to find a button that works and none of them do.

If anyone has any advice on how to get around this I would greatly appreciate it.