View Full Version : Pristine snow versus well ridden.

10-28-2016, 02:38 PM
I think that one of the best things in Steep and Infinite Air (from what I can see of the clips) is the trails in the snow, it really impacts the feeling that it was your line and gives a great impression of snow depth, I'm not sure how or if the system could handle it but how cool would it be to have them stay longer? Infinite Air appears that they stay a significant time and that you can keep compacting the snow in the game and it becomes well used just like a real mountain does, I think it's one of the things in Steep that makes the Mountain feel a little empty, imagine how cool it would be if the trials were permanent until fresh snowfall? Hiking up ridges to get to pristine snow :) I know, I'm dreaming out loud here, maybe in another decade we can have system that can handle it.

I know the game appears to record all lines you do during a session and they can be displayed on the mountain view, I wonder just how much work it would be to convert that into snow trails that are visible as you carry on playing.

10-28-2016, 04:00 PM
As long as it includes all trails from my current session I will be happy. Seems a bit much for the system to model how much base you have everywhere in the game world, keep all trails and then have dynamic weather add snow to the tracked base. It snows so much at high altitude and with high winds that I wouldn't expect tracks to last long at altitude in the alps for them to show as decayed trails following new snow. The snow would also need to be dynamic with wind effects blowing snow in various directions, creating cornices, etc. Seems like a heavy ask at the moment but would be interesting to see.