View Full Version : I got a question for the devs and community. ^-^

10-22-2016, 05:40 PM
My question is what will follow.

I know that ubisoft, when talking about the Ezio collection, only said that it will come in the form of the 3 Ezio game and their dlcs, ac lineage and ac embers. Thing is in all my Internet searching, I never found any information about if yes or no it will come with ac ascendance. It would just be logic after all, since it shows other parts of Ezio's story and I would really like to have it, instead of just searching it on youtube, where it only exist in english and not in french which is the language I always took for my ac series. I know nobody ever said it would be in, but nobody ever said it wouldn't be in either. It's true that while watching all the disc case for the games, lineage and embers, there wasn't any trace of a disc case for ac ascendance, but a friend of mine have a bluray of ac lineage that have ac ascendance as a special feathure, so maybe ac ascendance will come with it in the same form.

So, can anyone tell me if it come with it, please? ^-^