View Full Version : Be Aware of THE Deskchair Defence Platform Cannon!

10-22-2016, 03:36 PM
Noticed when having a deskchair, when fly high above target, you can auto pilot your bird and foil enemie atacks, + Emrgancy evasif action!! in short, 2v1 is so bloody FUN when bein the alone 1 bird in the sky, Should get a Hunter TItle lol tbh i like 2v1 alot more now. has 1vs2 but they has 2 kils euch and me 18 and 5 deaths

feels when go high, enemie atacks are foiled easyer and when auto pilot, can foil enemie atacks and toy with them eassyily!

Be awaye of The Deskchair Defence misle! if it shoots at you it not has to go towards you! Be warned! so bloody awsome

its like going in circles on your desk chair. so hapy, soon comunity realises how OP it is against ones not have a deskchair:) its like milenuimfalcon belly Gun. Dont get Coky!!

next to that it feels when high and auto pilot, you can attcak the below birds as a misle strike. they cant see you cos they need manual fly cos low on map

huray birdys!

ORKA44 Hunter Bird at your Service! 360 is hot again!