View Full Version : Steep on Ps4 Pro enhancements?

10-21-2016, 09:09 PM
So it has been announced that Steep will be enhanced for the PS4 Pro, what do we think that will bring other than a higher resolution and probably HDR on suitable TV's? Maybe on standard 1080p displays we might get better graphical fidelity? 60fps? WIldlife and NPC populations? Depending on how the game is enhanced it could be the driving force behind me getting myself a pro, thoughts?

10-21-2016, 10:08 PM
Mine too. Whatever bells and whistles they announce, is what will push me toward the new console. PCs are still too fiddly.

HDR should be for all PS4s, but I hope 60 frames and some extra visual flair. That said, I worry that the PS Pro is a burden for developers if they now have to optimise for yet another system, or if it's easy and they can just choose a performance setting from their PC options.. PS4 'Mid'.. PS Pro 'High'..

10-22-2016, 07:04 PM
I keep forgetting that HDR will be all PS4's, not that I have a TV able to take advantage of it. I don't think it'll be too much of a burden for developers, they already offer plenty of options for pc versions as you say. PC's are great but I far prefer games like Steep on the playstation, mainly because I can relax on the sofa while playing it and not have to sit at my desk, maybe if I had a steamlink I'd feel differently :)

10-25-2016, 03:14 PM

The new Playstation 4 Pro will give our developers the tools to further innovate in our games, Steep included. We'll give more details as soon as they'll become available, stay tuned :)