View Full Version : Disable automatic "tilt your head" notification?

10-21-2016, 09:16 AM
Is there any way to disable the automatic "tilt your head" notification that gets displayed sometimes, if the game notices that you are turning your head too much instead of tilting to turn? I hate when it comes up in one of those races where you have to fly through the circle, because it makes it more difficult to see the reticule, in order to hit the center of the circles.

I find that turning your head is more accurate in general, so while I tilt to do most longer turns, if I need to do super quick accurate turns I'll usually end up turning my head more than tilting it. And then that notification comes up in the center of the screen, obscuring my vision.

10-21-2016, 09:57 PM
Thanks for this feedback, I'll pass it on to the team!

02-06-2017, 08:01 AM
Yes, please add this option!

Love the game, but the pop-up is incredibly annoying. Using a Vive, I find it much more comfortable to turn my head rather than tilt it.

02-13-2017, 11:33 PM
I second that, very annoying. Also some tunnel stages have this fog/dust that blows by. This really caused issues for me in the tubes block my view and messing with my turning.

Great game over all.

05-29-2018, 09:32 PM
I weould like this too. Love the game, but this popup is right in your face. And its not necessary. Just annoying.