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10-19-2016, 05:22 AM
Why over a year on, there is still isnt an option to disable this adware?

I contacted support to get a registry hack or an option to DISABLE this dreadful function and they just say the Uplay occasionally checks the forums for ideas.

If you are going SPAM me, which is illegal in my country btw, give me the option to access my games WITHOUT Ucrap.

It keeps advertising stuff I already own, but getting a popup EVERY TIME I quit a game is really FRIGGING ANNOYING!!!

Steam doesnt do this, even EA stopped this CRAP!!!

I would be nice to get an actual response from the Uplay team as to why they havent acted on this suggestion from 18mths ago...

Yours really ticked off,


Original Thread;

I know what games I'm going to buy.
I know what games I'm interested in.
Stop advertising at me.
Most people pirate games and this is why.
You have my money, stop advertising at me. You are punishing people who pay for the games and incentivising piracy.


I guess this is related to the post-game notification window? There is no way to disable this in the current build but it has been noted as a suggestion for the future. Thanks.

10-30-2016, 07:17 AM
Huh. The more I try to defend Ubisoft, the more I realize how wrong I am.

Go through the forum posts, this is such a common issue that people mention.

I made a post over a month ago and received a response, which was a complete lie. Good luck getting an answer.