View Full Version : Do you even read posts???

10-17-2016, 05:14 PM
I posted a suggestion to HH a few days ago, as I'm looking at it today to see your reply post, wow!! You never replied, most likely haven't even READ it .

You are seriously jeopardizing your own game when choosing to ignore, or not reply to a post. Especially since it's posted under your SUGGESTION thread .

My main complaint is the enormous amount of time it takes to make a treat, just to have it ALL consumed by a single horse. Also, the constant jumping back and forth between countries because you haven't seen fit to provide gardens and an identical bakery in each country. This waste entirely way too much time. Believe it or not, MY REAL horses don't consume 5-6 bags of feed at once, nor 5-6 treats . Not realistic at all.