View Full Version : Problems with Fps drops when entering an engagement.

10-17-2016, 03:36 PM
So i am lvl 97 or so and have had minor fps problems before but they seemed to go away with updates. I usually run rainbow six with about 70 fps on lower setting. However within the past week or so whenever entering a combat scenario so like aiming down the site and shooting the fps drops to like 5. not all the time but quite often. I also get other dramatic and random fps drops throughout the game. I get the usual fps drop when the game starts but i assume thats just because of the map and i can handle that. Its just i have accumulated so many deaths from fps drops at the wrong time that this game is becoming unplayable. And i dont belive its my pc seeing as its above recommended specs and i can play many other cpu demanding games such as paragon, ark survival evolved and Rome total war 2 easily. I also noticed my cpu usage sky rockets at these points in game.

First of all my 1 year old pc specs are...
- AMD FX 4359 Quad-core processor 4.20 GHz
- 8 GB Ram
- Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Ti
- Os is windows 64 operating system
As i said the computer is 1 year old and i have updated driver recently.

thanks for reading. help would be much appreciated.