View Full Version : So I just defeated Revelations again after all this time

10-16-2016, 04:44 PM
I wanted to post this earlier but didn't had enough time and I have problems where to start so sorry if I'm confusing.

I found the story beautiful done and the city is beautiful, I found the gameplay kinda downgraded in this game with unnecessary changes in it, the open world didn't really speak to me like the side quests. The game also feels rushed (well it was made in 11 months) but I'm more of a story guy and so I want to talka bout that.
The opening feels dragged on but Yusuf helped me through it with his personality and I believe his grand child well... grand grand grand grand child look you know what I mean is in the movie.
I found the other characters besides Ezio, Altair, the sultans nephew, Yusuf, Maria, Abbas, Altairs son, Sophia and a few others but besides that I found the other characters not so interesting personally.
I'm glad the writers found a way to bring Altair in the story because he is my favorite Assassin and it was so well connected to Ezio and Desmond so thank you!
The ending was amazing and makes me want to play AC3 (which btw I have defeated the game again and will share my thoughts maybe in 3 days.)
But of course because this is me here I wil probably complain.
I'm really dissapointed how Ubisoft treated Subject 16 in this game and why do you ask?

- He is completely different from AC2 and ACB and don't give me a excuse about TLA or that it was explained in some other way in the game. My point is that this is not how I expected it to be and not getting answers annoys me! Desmond didn't even bother with him asking questions.
- They ended his story so terrible I still think he was gonna appear in Unity or Syndicate because it was so terrible it never felt like a end more like a open plot. Somebody full me in please?
- Not enough time with him

Also they didn't even bother telling why Lucy died in Brotherhood and the ending didn't matter at all only to put Desmond in coma. Junos rambling was for nothing.
I'm still surprised Desmonds part was done atleast enjoyable in such a short time but I don't like the puzzle things I just watch them on youtube.
But now alot of mystery is gone after this game.

At the end: Wonderful ending, plot and protagonists but with alot of weak things.

But their are two things I want to say... The Assassin's didn't feel like Assassin's to me more like Anarky fans (I'm no expert on Anarky but I'm 100% their were alot of references towards that and I didn't enjoy one single bit) and what is the point of calling yourself a ASSASSIN if you are a one man army in the most linear path to follow?

Two:.... I'm so glad to have played this game again and I used to hate it not anymore, how Ezio describes the Creed is how I see life myself and I can relate towards the Assassin's on a emotional level in a way (I don't want to stab people or lost my fanily btw) These stories make me inspired and make me see the world different so thank you:)