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10-16-2016, 07:09 AM
Oct 15, 2016
The Art of Warfare
My name is Rioku from The Art of Warfare gaming community, and I would like to enlighten you to our community. Are you looking for players and tired of playing alone in solo queue? Maybe your looking for new friends to play with regularly. TAW is not just a Rainbow Six Siege community we currently manage 42 games and over 2500 members in TAW as of writing this. You can look over all our games on our website Taw.net and see for yourself! At Taw we want to create a place where players can come on and enjoy themselves, be in good company, and play the games they want to play! So lets say you want to know more though how does it all work or what happens after I sign up?

If you are interested in TAW you will need to create an account on TAW.net then sign up for the game you want under Units tab. After you fill out some general info about yourself and availability you will be contacted by a Drill Instructor or a DI. They will confirm with you your applications authenticity and then set you up for boot camp where you will learn our rules, command structure, and general knowledge about TAW and how we function. Should be still be interested you will become a recruit until you attend a few of our Sunday/ Tuesday Mandatories. After that you will be assigned a squad based on your available playtime and whether or not you are looking for casual play or maybe you are more competitive and want to play with more serious like minded players. We have squads of all flavors and we will make sure to accommodate you and your needs. Even after squad placement you are free to play with whoever you want! All we ask is that you treat others with the respect you would want to be treated with and that you try to have a good time!

To ensure members have a good time we do have some policies that help us keep the atmosphere enjoyable for all members and so we can all focus on what matters, Gaming!

Basic Policies to Sign Up

To apply you must be a minimum age of 15 or older. Sometimes we make exceptions to this rule, but this is simply to make sure we are all able to meet one another on the same level of respect and maturity with other members in TAW.

You MUST have a headset/ working Microphone and willing to download Team speak 3 [as of writing this all meetings held in Team speak 3] to communicate with other members and to actually be involved. You can't interact with other members if you are out of the loop.

Lastly we try to be as mature as possible and avoid profanity/ vulgar language. We also do not tolerate political topics, religious topics, or any controversial topics that may offend others. We are a gaming community and we try to stick to gaming and making new friends. Topics like this tend to offend others so we tend to avoid them. We understand if it slips, but we do our best to not let it go to far.