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10-15-2016, 07:59 AM
Hi Heroes. i'm korean.
I make 2.21 Some BUG FIX Mod Heroes VII.

Download Link

[Ancient Treant]
Melee attack 2 times 1 time only to attack to attack.
This should not be a surprise to the melee fixed
Melee when they receive, make sure to retaliation

[Red Dragon & Ardent Dragon]
Firebreath Ability
When his Luckey attack does not FireAure fix.

Don't Flanking fix.
attack to Ally Fix.(because another Breath Ability don't attack Ally)

[Ardent Dragon]
Trail Of Fire Ability
Bug fix. but Change Ability Mechanism.
Trail Of Fire Ability don't target Ability. Now Notarget Ability.

Throwing Hammer Ability
When his attack does not apply stat attack fix.

Crippling Sting Ability
When his attack does not apply stat attack fix.

10-16-2016, 12:34 PM
Hey Syliber, much appreciated. The Einherjar bug was especially troublesome, as it practically makes the unit's ranged attack useless (compared to e.g. the Cyclops' one, that works fine).

I installed the patch and checked the Treant, the Ardent Dragon and the Einherjar. All works as intended now except for one change you made:

- The Ardent Dragon special ability Trail of Fire cannot be turned off if you click on the ability twice. So if you click on it once, it activates, and then the Dragon has Trail of Fire this turn permanently. Can you please make it work in a way that we can deactivate it?

I recommend the patch to everyone else.