View Full Version : Randomly got kicked from ranked

10-14-2016, 02:47 AM
Hello me and my full premade group of friends decided to play a ranked match. We were winning then all for a sudden we just got kicked/booted from our game half of us were in a searching screen for a ranked game while me and another friend ended up on the main menu. My other friends that were in the searching screen to find a game showed that we were all in the que but in reality i was still in the main menu. I got off for a bit and Now i am in a endless Creating Squad screen. Has anyone recently experienced this ? its not my internet because my NAT-type is Open. Also since we got randomly booted did we get temp banned or something ? anything i can do about that because that's not right for what happend. ( i actually dont know its something that i have read about other random bootings )