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10-12-2016, 08:44 PM
Hi, this is my take on what the next DLC factions should be. Before I begin, I would like to let the posters know that these are my opinion and if some people do not like them, then they are free to post their own ideal future factions below. That being said, my criteria is short and simple. The factions need to be:
- Unique in outer appearance.
- At least some weapons need to be specialized in that region only. Swords are a given but it would be nice if some factions have other exotic looking weapons.

The Indian Rajputs
If I'm not mistaken, India is one of the few countries from the ancient era that has never been conquered despite being surrounded by hostile and neighboring countries. And likely it is because they are well equipped with deadly weapons that many may consider very "alien-like".

The metal curling sword. Considered by many practitioners to be one of the most difficult weapons to master. Some urumi masters may wield two urumis which consist of 32 blades attached to the hilts total! Now that is scary!
Here is a quick :50 seconds demonstration what an urumi would look like

Notice the sparks at the beginning.
Key Advantage: Very unpredictable and can hit enemies from awkward positions. Hard to block/parry. Induces psychological warfare.

The double edged heavy sword. From the looks of it, this type of sword would probably be the "strongest" slasher weapon in the game. Probably doesn't slice as cleanly as the katana but will at least break bones in the process considering how heavy it looks. Literally, a gigantic machete - one side usually has a strengthening plate along most of its length, which both adds weight to downward cuts and allows the wielder to place their hand on the plated edge.
Key Advantage: The sword will likely win trade blows if both swords clash. While it lacks stabbing power, it makes up for it for its humongous slashing capabilities.

Rings of death. Razor sharp rings that can be wielded with great velocity and speed. I would like to see a female Indian warrior wield the chakram.
Key Advantage: Multiple chakrams can be worn and wielded by the user. Can also be used to throw.

Spiked gurz
Spear-like weapon with an unusual heavy spiked ball of death. This weapon does exist and it is one of the weirdest looking weapons from the ancient era. Likely to be wielded by someone who is as big as someone carrying the khanda.
Key Advantage: Able to stab and crush opponents. Due to an enormous amount of armors that utilize chain mail, the spiked gurz's stabbing capability negates the protection. Other heavy armor would also be negated by its heavy spiked ball. Basically, an anti-heavy cavalry weapon.

The Roman Gladiators
Prisoners and criminals of Rome who fight for glory, fame, and freedom. Possibly my favorite faction other than the Mongols that I want in this game badly.

Trident and net
These type of warriors are known as Retiarius. They are known to wear light armor with one pauldron. I would like to see a female play this role. I would consider Retiarius a specialist fighter. Also, the warrior likely will need to wear some sort of light helmet to cover up the face due to the game's fascination of having everyone cover their faces.
Key Advantage: Able to trap enemies by using the net to prevent movement. Once the enemy is "trapped", the Retiarius is able to perform consecutive stabbings with the trident. In the game, the enemy trapped inside the net has his or her movement and weapon usage severely impaired.

Scissors and gladius
These ominous looking heavy-type warriors are often known as slashers or carvers. Their wielders are known as Scissorses (plural). An unlucky opponent facing against a nightmarish image of Scissor is often described as being terrified of being carved to death. These types of warriors highly excel in close range fights. The scissor weapon is capable of delivering death with ease and also grants the wielder protection. The Scissor would use the scissor to hook the opponent's armor or flesh and drag/fling them onto the floor. The gladius is an excellent weapon to follow through once the opponent is either on the floor or within range of execution.
Key Advantage: The scissor and gladius work exceptionally well together and in tandem. Excellent for combination attacks. Also, the scissor acts like a defensive "shield" due to it being a large block of cylindrical metal cleaver of death.

Spatha and Legionary styled shield
The heaviest of the gladiators, the Murmillo, is distinguishable by his fish-like heavy helmet. Spatha is a type of sword that is longer than the famed gladius.
Key Advantage: Because the Murmillo and the Retiarius are often pitted against each other, the Murmillo specializes in fighting against long ranged weapons such as a polearm. Due to their sheer size and muscle, they are able to close in the distance even if they are being inflicted with damage.

Gladius and pilum
The most trust worthy sword and lance of the Roman Legions. The Centurion never goes to war without these two weapons in his arsenal. Technically, he isn't a gladiator but I figured it would be an interesting aspect within the story-line. I could imagine the Centurion leader begging the emperor for him to incorporate the gladiators for use in combat against the invading factions. After-all, dark horses sometimes do win. Their campaign could also consists of their emperor blackmailing and forcing the Roman Legions to conquer other lands.
Key Advantage: Renowned leader with good morale, can switch between gladius or pilum for short to medium/long range attacks.

The Mongol Horde
Possibly the greatest and most terrifying army in the ancient world. Their strategies and tactics were second to none and have achieved great success through conquering other nations. No doubt this is the army to be put in considering the type of DIFFERENT warriors they have fought in history - this ranges from the samurais, the Chinese warriors, Teutonic and other European knights, Indian Rajputs, etc...
A typical Mongol warrior:

Recurve bow
Possibly the most famed weapon in the Mongol arsenal. I know that this game will specialize in close melee combat BUT, I believe UBISOFT can make an exception to this specialized class. Remember, the Mongol Hordes were possibly the best horseback riders with bows in ancient history. However, I think UBISOFT can make an exception by crippling the Mongol forces by having their horses stolen by other neighboring nations. The now recurve bow wielders will now have to fight on foot without the security of their horses. Because of this, the great Kahn will now be unleashing the great horde and displaying the true terror in order to retrieve back what is rightfully theirs (horses and other lands). Preferred if the Mongol women fill this role.
Key Advantage: Superior long range combat. However, if the enemy manages to close in the gap between him/her and the Mongol archer, doom will likely be the result for the latter.

Mongol sabre. It truly shines when used on a horseback but given the story-line stipulations, the horde is forced to use it on foot. It is still highly effective though for slashing and stabbing enemies. They preferred to use a curved sword than a straight sword.
Key Advantage: They believed that a curve blade is best suited for horse back riding since the force of the horse traveling along with the slashing capability of the curved sword would bring about a devastating blow to the enemy. Possibly one of the reasons why they preferred this type of sword over a straight edged sword from the Chinese. While not as destructive than the India's khanda, it does have its perks: cutting and speed.

Polearm weapon designed to slash, stab, and pull riders from horseback. Also very capable on foot.
Key Advantage: Superior long ranged weapon for slicing and dicing. Because of its design, it is able to hook opponents onto the floor for a swift execution.

Iron flanged mace
Steel ball of doom. Even bigger and longer if given the chance to be utilized on a horseback. A preferred method of close range killing if the enemy is heavily armored. The Mongol iron flanged mace is easily capable of generating above 300 psi. Likely to be wielded by the biggest of the Tartar men.
Key Advantage: A very destructive weapon of choice among bigger Mongol men. Capable of annihilating armor and breaking bones with ease. Very similar to the samurai's kanabo but shorter range.

The Chinese Wu-Shi
By far the most innovative military weapon inventors go to the Chinese hands down. Many of their weapons are often replicated by other countries many years later. While I do see the art form of the Samurai to be simple and badass, the developers of For Honor can "exaggerate" the art form for the Chinese way of fighting to be more fluid and dance-like.

Guan dao
Made famous by its user, Guan Yu. This gigantic slashing polearm probably exceeds the khanda in cutting power because of how heavy it is. Only the strongest users may wield this devastating weapon.
Key Advantage: It has best of both worlds in that it is a medium ranged weapon and also has the capability to cut down a horse with one stroke. Should only be wielded by the strongest Chinese warrior because of its weight.

Double hook swords
Frightening in appearance - swords can interlock with each other to swing the swords for long ranged attacks. These swords are specifically designed to counter other swords when fighting. The bottom hilts contain spear-like pointers. These weapons are mainly used by monks.
Key Advantage: Made to counter other swords. Has many other uses besides just slashing.

Meteor Hammer
A ball that is attached to a rope that can then be swung with proficiency and deadly results. One of the hardest weapons to master. Once mastered, the user is almost unstoppable - whirlwind of bludgeoning force only leaves victims on the floor with cracked skulls.
This is a rope dart, not hammer. However, the application is conceptually the same:

Key Advantage: Like the Indian urumi, this weapon is extremely hard to predict. Being that it is connected to a long rope, its range exceeds the urumi but it is not as lethal. However, with enough force, this weapon can easily kill a person. I think a Chinese female warrior should wield this weapon.

Chinese straight sword
Probably one of the most iconic swords in Chinese martial arts. Often wielded by generals or heroes from a Chinese movie. This type of weapon specializes in stabbing than slicing - it is considered the "gentleman's sword". While it lacks the raw cutting power and strength of a Chinese dadao (big sword), the Chinese straight sword exceeds it in technique.
Jet Li uses the Chinese straight sword here:
Key Advantage: In general, stabbing is a lot easier to achieve than slicing. It requires less effort and thus more fatal due to how easy it is to perform the action.

Hopefully the developers will see this thread and use this as a future reference for DLC factions. Thank you for your time.

10-13-2016, 04:00 PM
You put a lot of effort in there. :)
I tend to fall in a rent-rage after reading peoples DLC requests but i will spare you this because yours has so much attention to detail :D

10-14-2016, 09:14 AM
Thank you for the reply. What is the reason behind you falling in a rage? Is it because it wasn't descriptive enough? :P

10-14-2016, 09:35 AM
It may probably be because there have been threads discussing this already, there is a longish one already, and I personally have a rather long post there myself.

Thing is, there may not ever be additional factions, at least not for a long while. These 3 are indeed fairly sufficient and generally speaking, the most iconic. There may be additional heroes for them though. I did still entertained the idea and detailed what I would think could work as additional factions, and it overlaps yours at some parts, disagrees at others.

May be it would be better if a mod can add merge this thread to that one :).

BTW : here's a link to said thread : http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1175690-DLC-Factions/page5

10-14-2016, 10:33 PM
I prefer it doesn't get moved because in most cases posts get lost in between texts anyway. I like my template of suggestions by posting pictures and then defining them with key advantages. In the future, I'm going to add some more. Thanks for your input!

10-15-2016, 04:04 AM
More factions are good, especially if they can introduce new gameplay.

This post is so detailed it deserves it's own thread imo.

For example the Trident & net gladiator would be quite different from what's in the game currently.

12-14-2016, 04:45 AM
thinking of a new faction with realy different new fighting stiles and weapons is not easy. and you really have some nice ideas.
but if they add a new faction. they will need to add about 4 warriors for that one.
and they should be fitting for the big battlefield theme. and shouldn't bee too much like other heroes?

it would be cool to have a lot to choose from. but they need to balance the heroes too

but i was realy wondering if there will be other factions too...one day...