View Full Version : Looking for a competitive(and ambitious?) team(European or Finnish) to play with

10-12-2016, 12:12 PM
So as the title says. I'm looking for a competitive team to play with. For quite some time now, I've felt like if I wanted to learn more about tactics and teamplay(I'm not bad or at least I don't feel like it, but there's always room for improvement). I need to find a team who actually play together as one and I feel like every season I've played, there hasn't been that many times I've actually got to play with proper teammates who actually play as a team. I'm at Gold ranks(going up and down there) and I feel like if I want to move forward, I want some stability and I don't want to rely on the random players, bcuz I quite often see players leave matches or who are just carried to the upper ranks and then they're quite bad tbh.

So. As a finnish player I'm looking for a team to play with and I wish to find a group of actually good and ambitious players to move forward in the game with. Add me on Uplay(Frynos) or reply here.