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10-10-2016, 01:17 PM

since nobody seems to react on this topic on the German GRP Forums (and the English one is flooded by ad-bots), I will try this one.

After a while I wanted to play Ghost Recon Phantoms again and saw the message about the upcoming shutdown in the next few weeks.

I was very disappointed as I was enjoying the game for 3 years and invested many hours and even some money for the infinite pack and some upgrades (I am for sure not the only one as far as I read, some people invested up to 10 times more than me and will be upset because of this)

Now all of the upgrades including the infinite pack are practically free. – Every player can upgrade as he wishes, the balance of the forces is truly given for the first time, no P2W anymore, no hackers, the motivation isn’t there for them apparently. It’s a simple “just-for-fun” game, as it should be from the beginning.

As I saw this, I instantly though, well Ubisoft you did something right! :D But then the countdown for the shutdown came to my mind and the excitement was gone. :(

I know this game will not get any patches in the future and there are maybe few bugs which can occur at any time but this “Beta-Spirit” of some maps is this what makes this game what it is (in a positive sense), and what brings the fun for many people who come back to this game to just enjoy the gameplay and relax without the bitter aftertaste of the P2W system in the background.

Concerning the bugs, well look at the custom games, the “Airport” map is the most chosen one and even after the shutdown announcement, there are still many players online and you will always find a game very quickly. – And you want to shut down this game? What?

Why shouldn´t be it possible to keep the servers up and running for the “Veterans” of this game, as it is right now?? No changes, no patches. Keep the maps as they are, keep the prices for the Upgrades as they are and that’s it.

And even if this is an impossible task for you, then make the game available for offline use, then it’s not your problem anymore. I am sure many players who enjoy the game would arrange themselves and run own servers. Which would even open more possibilities to tweak with the settings and such.
(And I sure don´t want to give you suggestions in this direction :D, but as a gamer I wouldn´t be averse to pay a fee for the Offline Version of a dead F2P game, provided that I can use it in its full potential including hosting own games and such). Think about it.

With respect to how many time and money many gamers invested in this game, this step is a shame and a kick in the nuts to all of us.


Fire.Lion (GRP: thegeorg)

Link to German Forum / Link zum Deutschem Thread: http://forums-de.ubi.com/showthread.php/160133-Das-Ende-von-Ghost-Recon-Phantoms-Der-Widerstand

10-11-2016, 11:12 PM
Discovered today:


10-19-2016, 05:00 PM
is the end of severs here? Can't seem to log on !!!!! has the game GRP ended?