View Full Version : How can I still care about the Modern Day after all this time?

10-08-2016, 08:13 PM
This no rant or anything like that but... Just how?
In AC1 you have e-mails that say things about Africa which got retconned outside the games!

AC2 it hardly exist and AC2 is considered the best in the series and introduct Minerva which was interesting and Subject 16.

In AC Brotherhood it was actually really good but what was the point of mention Eve? Desmonds son all of that? It was only their so Lucy gets killed.

In AC Revelations it's just kinda their and Desmond hardly asked Clay questions about his videos. THEY GOT RID OF SUBJECT 16 IN SUCH A STUPID WAY I STILL THINK HE IS STILL A CONTINUES PLOT AGROSE ALL GAMES!

Begins with Desmond with no beard at all which doesn't make sense, nobody talks about Brotherhood and Desmonds son and Eve NOBODY! Desmonds dad is for a entire time a **** untill later.
Their is no drama in the air besides 2012. Everybody acts depressed (Lucy probably) and Shaun and Rebecca are the only Modern Day characters I care about but are so sad in this game.
Desmonds missions are horrible done, GOOD environments I give you that Ubisoft they looked great but Desmonds deserved way better than this!
The ending is a retcon, plot hole, rushed and horrible!
And why do I care... Well maybe because I know it can do better, that it's a good plot maybe or that I'm so invested that I can't ignore it and want it back!
After Desmond died Ubisoft still seems like they care and put Sages in the games and a few other things but it doesn't really lead anywhere. And one of the reasons why I come back is because of that and the Animus and the Juno plot.
I know I'm hard to follow here but if they kill Juno in one of the games and finish all plot lines and have no Modern Day I think the descision has been made with Ubisoft wants this franchise to be.
Look I can't put it all out in words it has more to do with emotion maybe and I don't want it gone because AC is designed with the Modern Day and I think the writers know this to but the only way I can see this work from now is if it get's it own game.

But with AC Heresy, the movie, the comics all have Modern Day I don't think it will go away anytime soon and I'm glad in some way and happy and always look forward to more Modern Day lore... I hope somebody understands me and thinks the same