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10-06-2016, 04:44 AM
This is major to me because I loved playing together as a small group. That feeling can win you guys a great score on gameinformer.
Please dont give up on that. P.S. Im going to buy another control for this game.

10-06-2016, 06:42 PM

Just to clarify for you, splitscreen has been cut from the entirety of the game.

10-06-2016, 06:53 PM
Damn, then I'm really out.

Ah well. Good luck on the game guys.

10-06-2016, 07:52 PM

Just to clarify for you, splitscreen has been cut from the entirety of the game.

Brutally honest, I respect you for that.

10-06-2016, 09:17 PM
I totally understand the joy of playing as a small group. Being around for some of the older days of gaming without online play, I enjoyed many many years of split screen (as did many people working on the game). It was a difficult decision for sure.

10-07-2016, 02:53 AM
I totally understand the joy of playing as a small group. Being around for some of the older days of gaming without online play, I enjoyed many many years of split screen (as did many people working on the game). It was a difficult decision for sure.

Thank you for understanding. but at least we can expect split-screen in the next FOR HONOR game right???

10-07-2016, 12:51 PM
FredEx, could you please clarify if there will be a coop mode for the campaign via online connection ?
Thanks !

10-14-2016, 10:50 AM
I really don't care that we "still have online coop" or that it "fits the soul of this game." Online only coop is killing the soul of gaming itself.

I don't see why it's so hard to have two people offline in the same room share a screen. I don't see why you couldn't even make an official announcement about it other than "we made the decision this week..." okay.

Glad I won't be able to play your magnificent game with my brother whenever we rarely see each other. It's sort of our thing. We started on Splinter Cell and I had hope for you guys. As much as I loved trading as much sleep as possible to play the alphas every waking moment between work so far and do my best to contribute as much as possible to the quality of your game, I'll find something better to do.

Glad my time and health went to waste, at least my money won't.

Thanks for commenting for some clarity, FredEx.

-Siric the Gray,

Among the Top Players, First Alpha(Just read you guys deleted signatures too, nice)

10-14-2016, 11:39 AM
I totally understand the joy of playing as a small group. Being around for some of the older days of gaming without online play, I enjoyed many many years of split screen (as did many people working on the game). It was a difficult decision for sure.

It's not always about "playing with a small group." Local coop is about bonding with the person in the room.

Save online for competitive modes and keep local coop for those of us who play with the people we care about. I don't 'need help' against AI, I 'want to hang out with my brother while bonding over a video game and experiencing a story together like when we were growing up'. Thanks.

For Honor - Top Player
First Alpha

10-15-2016, 02:56 AM
SirictheGray, you dont make any sense to me.
The game wasnt splitscreen when you decided to play the whole day during the alpha, so it was obviously fun without the feature but now you cry tears of blood and talk about broken family bonds and how you wont buy the game anymore because they removed something that wasnt even in there while you went into full videogamejunkie mode.
Beside, i also got a brother, we also often played splitscreen and we also rarely see each other anymore... if these evil game companies just would come up with something that would make it possible to play games with each other even though we are geographically seperated... like... i dont know, online mltiplayer/coop???
If you really seeing each other seldom than this should be much more important that the possibility to spent the rare and precious moments you meet in front of the tv.

*****ing about random things on the internet seems to be so common nowadays, people dont even try to be logical and just take every oportunity to be offended.

10-17-2016, 10:41 AM
It was immensely fun, don't get me wrong. If you read my post you will see where I call it a magnificent game.

Here's the thing:

Ubisoft has the capability to include split screen for campaign mode. I imagine matchmaking and the COMPETITIVE aspect may have some issues with two people on the same connection(I assume that's why the alphas had peer to peer connection), but split screen campaign mode really shouldn't be such an issue that it needs to be cut. They chose to cater solely to their online story players, disregarding their split-screen player base, after they advertised it as a major aspect of their game (Even going as far as to use it as a selling point for their release date.) It was a very shady move on the part of Ubisoft.
Had they not promised split screen already, I would very likely still be buying and enjoying their game.

In my industry, if we make false promises, we lose clients.

There has been no official thread explaining the decision, as far as I have searched, there has only been a confirmation that it isn't going to be included, thanks to FredEx.

Regarding my "full videogamejunkie mode" the first alpha, yeah, that was me. At the end, they asked us what the one thing that could be added to make us buy the game was, I stated a split screen coop campaign mode, citing Ubisoft's other video game franchise, Splinter Cell, which I felt was done really well. I told them why, I told them how I rarely do buy games these days, minus a select few, but that would absolutely secure my purchase.

A few months later they announced they were including it in the game, I was so ecstatic and GRATEFUL to Ubisoft for actually listening to their players/testers. You know, the very same day I watched the alpha "learnings" video and posted the above statements, I was defending Ubi to some friends of mine and stating how much respect I had for them because they actually listen to their players. sidenote: every friend I've spoken to doesn't trust Ubi and thinks they're a terrible company. I was hoping For Honor would change their minds and my entire agenda with these tests was to help them build the best game possible to do that with, but it only changed mine since this announcement. Forgive me if I feel my trust was a little betrayed.

Anyways, for the second alpha, one of the devs asked a few of us Top Players/Contributors from the first alpha to help out new players every where we could. They only gave us a few days notice however, so of course I'm not able to take time off of work but as a show of gratitude for listening to their player base, I am determined to help out. So I do, not because "Oh my god this is so much fun this is life" but because "I am humbled that this is really happening and I'm going to pay them back however I can." Again, don't misconstrue that the former feeling wasn't present to any extent, but it had no sway on how much time I gave to testing.

Of course, I can't do enough because there are times where I need to sleep and the other players who aren't workaholics are progressing past me any way. So I end up spending hours training and catching up so I actually have meaningful knowledge to pass on where I can. I even emailed an apology letter to the devs who asked me to help because I wasn't able to do as much as I originally agreed to be able to. By the time I'd get home from work, I'd be so burnt out that I couldn't even focus enough to make well thought out forum posts and my gameplay and reaction time suffered as well.

Console alpha rolls around and devs say not to worry if we can't make it out to this one, so I don't stress or break my sleep schedule and only play a few hours of this one.

Last alpha comes and I actually have time to test and play now, somewhat. The community's been spoiled already - if you don't play the way your opponent wants/expects you to, you're 'bad.' If you play their way and lose, you're 'bad.' If you stick to your way, you get 1v4 targeted and/or thrown off edges until you play their way and become a carbon copy of every other player. Or you can be stubborn and keep your identity, diversity, and honor.

Furthermore, my blocks on the controller aren't registering properly 60% of the time, feints hardly register. My direction changes don't always register. And I've already gone through progression from level 1 three or four times. I'm feeling the excitement has really dulled and I didn't really have very much fun in the last alpha

On top of that, I didn't meet one Dominion Duelist in this last test. "That's what Duel Mode is for" I get that, and I understand Dom ethics but if you say this, I hope you find a real, honorable duel in a Dom match some day and you know what victory tastes like in the rush of every thing else going on around you. Duel mode is too closed off to get that feeling.

Regarding time spent with my brother, I don't know where you were given the notion we only play videogames when we're together. We spend the day swinging actual wood and foam weapons at each other, catching up on each other's lives, playing board games, going out to eat, and going on all kinds of adventures but at night, neither of us are drinkers or partyers so we're not headed to any bar. We can't do the rest. We typically, if available, will play through a game's coop campaign mode in a single night. We get a shared feeling of accomplishment and a story to go along with it. He doesn't play games when he's at his home, neither of us have time to schedule that kind of a session, and you can't get that same feeling over a comm.
He actually developed some mental issues a few years ago but when I told him about my request and how I'd been an alpha tester and this high end gaming company actually listened to my request, his state seemed to improve quite a bit. I didn't make that request out of convenience, I made it specifically so that he and I would have something positive to look forward to, and put all of my efforts into basically getting to a point where my voice would be heard, and into thanking Ubi for honoring that request. Forgive me if I feel more than a little betrayed.

I'm grateful for online play just like I'm grateful for telephones and video calls, but hanging out with someone on the internet is never the same as the real thing. I hope you have the heart to agree.

Does any of that make sense, Dez_troi_aR ?

-Siric the Gray
For Honor Top Player

10-17-2016, 09:54 PM
Wow, so much going on in this thread already, where to begin..

Damn, then I'm really out.

Ah well. Good luck on the game guys.

While I respect your decision, I think this is the wrong reason not to get this title. For Honor's main selling point is and was not splitscreen play, it was it's take on the combat system, the lore, the MOBA-esque gameplay. Splitscreen co-op was simply something that, while they would love to have included it, was simply an extra string to the already sturdy bow that is this game. However, like I say your decision is of course yours to make, my reaction is simply based on a number of very vocal people who seem to have based their entire opinion and basis for buying this game upon the fact of whether it has or has not got splitscreen co-op.

It's not always about "playing with a small group." Local coop is about bonding with the person in the room.

Save online for competitive modes and keep local coop for those of us who play with the people we care about. I don't 'need help' against AI, I 'want to hang out with my brother while bonding over a video game and experiencing a story together like when we were growing up'. Thanks.

Ok, honestly man this is all your personal opinion. I personally equally believe that online play should not be reserved solely for competitive modes, I for one am excited about the prospect of playing through the campaign co-operatively, online with my friends whom I may not be able to see or be able to play local co-op with (if it were still an option).

Equally regarding your final post, you are indeed correct, Ubisoft does have the capacity and ability to include splitscreen co-op for the campaign...however they equally have the capacity and ability to remove it. What you have to try to understand is that they aren't just doing this to piss people off or to dash the hopes and dreams of people who were looking forward to it. When I heard there was going to be splitscreen co-op for singleplayer, I was excited! It was an added selling point, but when I heard they were removing it, there was a brief moment of sadness which passed when I had the true realisation that there is obviously a good reason why it was cut. A game developer would not cut something out if it what they were cutting out complimented their game, do you understand what I'm driving at here? I don't believe this is a shady move by Ubisoft at all, I think it is a wise design choice.

I would disagree that they are solely trying to cater to their online playerbase, at the end of the day this game was originally solely online-based so the fact that they even attempted to pursue a local option would negate your point entirely, even if it isn't going to be included in the final build.

I work in the film industry, and equally when people make fake promises we also lose clients. However we equally realise what needs to remain on the cutting room floor in order to ensure that what we are delivering is of the highest quality. That is what has happened here.

You're entitled to feeling like your trust has been betrayed though, that is your right and they are indeed your feelings.

I however had a very different experience in the last alpha, I had some great duels in Dominion mode and some great matches with and against other players. With regards to your blocks there may be a number of reasons that that was happening and without video or photographic evidence of it happening we can only theorise as to what went wrong.

To close, hanging out with someone in real life is a lot of fun and a much different experience than hanging out with someone online, however we shouldn't devalue one experience over the other. We are inevitably living in a world that is progressing every day and the gaming industry is just the same. We are starting to notice less and less games adopting the splitscreen experience of old. Is that a bad thing? Not really. Does it mean we shouldn't miss splitscreen gaming? Absolutely not. Does it give us a right to bash games that aren't able to incorporate splitscreen? Of course not.

Listen, we could wax lyrical about this all day and go back and forth but at the end of the day both of our opinions are as correct and valid as the other. It would've been great to have splitscreen however it has been cut and we must learn to accept that. For Honor will still be a great game, I've played enough of it myself to know.

I hope you and your brother find new games to bond and have splitscreen experiences over and I hope that somehow you find a way to once again enjoy this title as much as you once did.

Sam (aka Stainless001)
For Honor Community Reporter

10-18-2016, 05:23 PM
Does any of that make sense, Dez_troi_aR ?

-Siric the Gray
For Honor Top Player

I posted a polemic response, without a doubt. Seeing that you take the time to go more into detail, i guess i should do so, too.
When i said your post 'doesn't make sense' i did not wish to express that i don't get the causality of 'splitscreen-cut --> dissapointment'. But i have the strong impression that your feedback and attitude towards the game is based on kind of strong emotions and your critique is also, to an extend that it has not a lot to do with the reality of the game.

Let me say that i feel like a total donkey right now: I already used loaded terms like 'videogamejunky-mode' and now i am talking about your emotional attitude. I feel the urge to make something clear before i proceed: This is coming from someone who also loves playing games, sometimes many hours into the night, so when i talk about the junkiemode its not meant as an offense, but something that i, as a dedicated gamer, sometimes experience when i enjoy a game so much that i cant wait to finish the days business to go back and make more progress ingame. Also i would never judge anything concerning your 'emotional attitude' simply because this is highly personal, this is the internet and i am not an idiot. So with that out of the way i want to go on...

Analyse your language for a second: Split screen players are "disregarded", Ubisoft makes a "shady move", they "promised" it would be in the game and then cut it. That is really not telling it how it is. They did not "promise" to somebody that it would be in the game, they announced it would contain the feature and then they announced that they decided to cut it. That is a big difference for me.
They also did that move for reasons which they explained. You can argue that there might be other reasons they didn't mention but it would be a little strange to assume that they did it on purpose to dissapoint someone or to screw them over. Generally, after reading your post i have the impression that you take the relationship between you and the company that sells the games we play very personally...That might be the reason why our points of view on this case are very different because i for my part am much more experiencing it as a more utilaristic customer-producer-thing. I do not know how close the connection between the developers and you as an "Top-Player" is, but your level of self commitment to the project seems to be very high. I respect that but in my point of view it still doesn't mean that Ubisoft has a responsibility to serve your needs and wishes. Your answer kind of implys that, but i might be misinterpreting here, english is not my first language.

That is what i meant when talking about 'sense'. When i heard about the lack of splitscreen i was dissapointed, too, but i also see that ForHonor is aiming towards a skill-based long term-multiplayer experience while split screen is a nice fun-feature for some occations (like in your and mine case: playing with our siblings once in a while). Plus their argument is not to be dismissed that they have a deadline and prioritize their resources. So its a little sad and definately a minus but not a big thing to me. You on the other hand write about feeling ecstatically grateful for your customer feedback beeing heard and now feeling betrayed. Your point of view is understandable but results from all your emotional investment, the effort you put into testing and giving feedback. In my eyes, this makes you a valuable member of the community and earns you my respect as a gamer but it still doesn't create any sort of juristical-bond between you and the company. You have been the one receiving a service (alpha testing, giving feedback), not selling them your service for which you deserve a compensation.
It would be completly stupid to advice someone how he should 'feel' about a game, especially concidering that a game IS about feelings, so beeing passionate and emotional is absolutly appropriate... but the other side of the coin is a product that we can buy or not buy. Beeing offended or feeling betrayed is something that you can bring up after you paid money.
The peak of your emotion-based argumentation is that you manage to tie the splitscreen-case to the mental state of your brother. I hope i dont sound disrespectful and i wish you both many good moments of fun with and without videogames but i have a hard time imagining someone beeing cheered up by his brothers credebility amongst videogame developers. What you imply there is that not listening to your request is kind of heartless towards your brother and that is problematic. If it's true and his live is brighter with the expectation of a good game that he can enjoy with his brother (which i could definately understand), than the obvious consequence is that this guy needs a ps4 so you can play on a daily basis and not just on rare occations. And if that is not worth the effort and the money, than its just not as important as you make it sound. How am i supposed to understand this: Playing split on rare occations is so enjoyable that it even helps him to deal with mental problems but gaming together via headset, which i personally conceive as a very fun way of beeing in contact with family members that you are geoographically seperated from, is not worth the time?

This is a stupidly long post but i want to add some short points:

It was interesting to read your comment about lacking controller response. This is the first time i hear that beeing criticized. Did you hear the same from other players you were in contact with? That would be something that needed more attention than the splitscreen debate, don't you agree?

It is also interesting (no irony intended here) to see you of all people beeing so sad about the splitscreen removal. I always thought that Top-Players are focused on climbing up ladders and optimizing their skills. That the main selling point for you is a campaign mode really irritates me.
I totally get it when someone with a 60hour job and 10 kids cares a lot about split, because he only plays once a month with three friends in his mancave but you must know that, if the game works turns to work as good as we hope it will, a player that commits to that game (like you and i maybe will) will play the online multiplayer for hundreds of hours over the years, and not beeing able to play "through the campaign in one night" doesnt really hold up in comparison.

Well, in the end our perspectives on the game might just be too different... i unintentionally ended up to be the forums chief defender of the splitscreen removal. I dont want any developer take my comments as a justification to not include split in the future, i dont dislike splitscreen i just have an aversion concerning the strong backlash this decision produced, because i receive it as hysterical. Sorry.
I want to close with saying that i would be happy about splitscreen, too. It might not be important, it is still great fun imo.

I can totally understand if noone reads through all of that but after beeing so straight-forward/rude i felt the need to give a proper response.

Have a nice day you all !

10-25-2016, 03:02 PM
Hey again, Dez_troi_aR

***Just as a disclaimer you don't need to feel obligated to read through all of this. I just wanted to touch on just about all of your points in response. I do appreciate the time you've given to reading and understanding, and helping me to understand where you come from, as well. Also, your English vocabulary seems better than mine and it looks like you spent a lot of time studying and have nothing to worry about in terms of understanding. Given how late it is for me, you may find some repeats of the same idea, sorry for that as the extra bulk must be annoying.

Honestly, you're absolutely right. I was very emotionally charged that day, had several big things go wrong and came home to this news. Afterward, I felt the need to explain myself when questioned so I kind of went back to 'that day' mentally. I also added a short post along the lines of "I know they didn't do this or that because of me specifically, or expected this or that of me, but this is how I feel on the matter based on this thing or other' (Don't remember the points I made) But I guess the post didn't publish.

((EDIT: Found it - “To be clear, I'm not "taking credit" for Ubisoft's decision to include splitscreen coop, but I do believe it is a rare enough request in today's gaming industry to disregard the correlation.” ))

I'm sorry for how defensive I came off, toward both you and Ubi, I'd just been over-championing them and it was the most exciting expectation of the game in my opinion - since split is dying off at an alarming rate and it is the most fun I've had in gaming. Split story > Solo Story > PVP > Online story(Random players rob me of my experience and pacing) and honestly PVP Competitive/Ranked feels more like a job to me. I practice for hours a day and a hundred things can go wrong to push you back down but in almost everything I play I rise to at least somewhere near the top within the first season or two as long as I have the time to give. But I've always been competitive and need that violent life-staking 'Rush' and I felt let down by a game developer whose game I'd intended to involve a large portion of my career with.

Also, I play online with people in my circle every so often in the games I'm involved in now but it feels like, as terrible as it sounds, I'm being held back if I'm playing with someone of lower skill level. If I'm here 'playing', I'm not climbing the solo ladder. Playing with someone on comm with the same goals and at the same skill level is great though. If I play with someone higher leveled, I feel inadequate but I try to figure out what they're doing better. Yes, I note the contradiction and I do play with lower levels also because I want to help them learn and have a good time, it's just not near as fun or fulfilling for me, is what I mean. However in competitive, no matter what rank someone else is I still prefer solo because I feel like I'm not entirely responsible for the outcome and don't support boosting or PLvling. (This probably sounds like I'm talking myself up or as some gaming god but I just mean to portray my accurate feelings from my perspective.)

I gave my brother our xb360 with a bunch of new games he hadn't played that were right up his alley, actually. He played off and on for about a week or two and then never really touched it again. It's not that he doesn't like to play, there's just too much going on. He doesn't have time for online games either. We did play those for years but there's really nowhere near as much substance to it. When he visits, we usually both have plenty of time set aside, and purchasing an extra tv and next gen console to play in the same room is kind of ludicrous. Maybe if I win the skinned FH ps4 that would be almost feasible lol. And yeah, there was a long while he was doing very poorly - I guess the announcement gave him hope and helped him remember better times? I was intent on helping him from whichever avenue I could. He's seemed to be doing much better lately, it's not Ubi's responsibility to do anything in regards to him or I, it's selfish to ask them to do something for me specifically but when I asked with no expectation for a feature, they drove that expectation up by how excited they were for the feature, and then one day they just very nonchalantly say it's gone.

By betrayal, to put it in a simpler and less charged way, I felt I was given an expectation that motivated me to commit a lot of time to testing, and then that expectation was removed at the end of the testing session. I suggested a very rare feature in modern gaming and did feel partially responsible for its appearance in the game. Having it removed felt like a heavy blow not just to me but to everyone who was now excited for the announcement. I would like Ubisoft to know how we, their players, their Customers, feel about this poor decision. I would love if they reverted that decision but at the very least, as a customer, I would like to not be given false expectations in the future.

If I may mention them here, Bethesda is in similar hot water with the Skyrim/Fallout mods on Playstation but I have more respect for their decision because of how they addressed it. They told us exactly why they can't deliver the full experience and even found a partial compromise. They remained committed to working to correct the issue and keep the feature they announced they would have for their players. If Ubi lets us know they are still working on a way to implement it, even if it meant patching it in later, I would love them for that.

Ubi's decision here sounds like, 'we announced this feature alongside the other one but we just liked this other one better.' The ironic thing about it is they paired the release date with split screen like they went hand-in-hand and the release date is the reason they removed the split feature. If it's even due to that. The problem is they announced that and went dark. I don't feel very comfortable when I'm about to pay a company a bunch of money, and have been for years, and they remove items from the product I'm interested in without creating discussion on it.

Honestly, I think the development team just got too excited and made a few announcements way too early.

I believe accountability is important for any upstanding company though and based on what I've seen on how they've handled this situation, I just don't think it's there.

It is possible I will still get the game.

Ubisoft has treated me wonderfully, personally, both involving the alpha and in the past. I should be a little more grateful, and I really am, even if you can’t tell by my tone here. They even listened or at least noted many of the other testers’ and my other ideas which we will(PROBABLY – no promises ;) ) be seeing in the game, as a lot of other discussions I was part of made their way to official announcements.

There were also several ideas, especially mine, that they paid no attention to or declined to do anything with, and I’m completely okay with that! The part I am actually upset about is that they gave something important to me recognition, made it a thing, and then deleted it because they couldn’t match their own deadline for it. I would rather them tell us the day before release that they will be including a feature, rather than scrap part of their game they’ve already advertised months in advance.

Anyways, I want you to know I take no issue with you. I don’t think Ubisoft is a bad company either, but I know they’re better than this. I appreciate you taking the time to try to understand and to read and respond to what I’ve said, it tends to grow really long because, as you noticed, I am absolutely passionate about the games I play and I put everything I can into everything I do. Please, don’t feel obligated. I also mainly wanted to cover all of the bases you touched upon in your response. Also, I do think technical issues should be sorted out but that’s a battle for another thread. I made sure to let them know about the controller discrepancies in the survey when the alpha ended.

I think their biggest issue was the gamebreaking Peer to Peer connections. They need dedicated servers and I think I may have mentioned it earlier but this likely had to do with the removal of split screen. My whole point is we don’t know exactly why it had to be removed to make the online work. I would like to know since I was saving my Gold Preorder for after I had a chance to test the split coop and see how amazing it was.

Thank you, Stainless001 as well for your insight. It definitely helped to see from a separate perspective and I tried to respond to both of you in here.

Thanks for reading!

p.s. I've had exponentially more memorable and enjoyable moments in the 12-40 hours of cooping single games with someone I love than I ever could remember in the thousands of hours of competitive gameplay I've experienced. If we don't fight for it, and demand it, it will disappear. And if we fail to hold game developers accountable for what they advertise, they end up walking all over you while taking your money to the point where the game you end up playing is nothing like the one you thought you were buying.

Also, I can't really apologize that my preferences in value irritate you. I would favor enjoying a hopefully well-written engaging story over constant effort to become great at the competitive side of the game. I do both, but prefer the former. I have plenty of E-Sports I can play already and rarely spend money on purchasing more than one or two games a year since I spend so much time on each, but if there's a good coop game, I will occasionally splurge when I know my brother is coming.

-Siric the Gray

10-26-2016, 04:49 AM

11-02-2016, 09:45 PM
p.s. I've had exponentially more memorable and enjoyable moments in the 12-40 hours of cooping single games with someone I love than I ever could remember in the thousands of hours of competitive gameplay I've experienced. If we don't fight for it, and demand it, it will disappear. And if we fail to hold game developers accountable for what they advertise, they end up walking all over you while taking your money to the point where the game you end up playing is nothing like the one you thought you were buying.

-Siric the Gray

Well said. And this is why I have also been rather vocal about this split screen issue. This is also why I will not give Ubi my money for this game (assuming nothing changes). I already ran into this issue with Battlefront. I loved the old games because they had great local co-op so I assumed that the new one would have the same feature and bought it right when it came out. That was a complete waste of my money. To be fair, I didn't look into the details before buying so you can easily say it's my fault. But I will not make that mistake again.

It is an interesting predicament really. We as the consumers and gaming community want these great games and pay for them. But the only way we can really "fight" against something we don't like - like this split screen disappearing act - is to not buy the game, which in turn causes the company to (perhaps rightly so) be less interested in our opinions/thoughts on game features. It's a bit of a nasty spiral if you ask me, and perhaps this is part of the reason why couch gaming is disappearing so rapidly.

I also still have not heard an explanation from anyone at Ubi as to why this decision was made. Split screen is gone. Fine, I hate it but I'll accept it. I would still like to know why. If anyone associated with the game or company can give me a decent explanation as to why it needed to be cut, I may be more inclined to buy the game. As you've said several times Siric, the real issue is that Ubi built up expectations by mentioning this feature many times then just kind of as a side note in 1 interview said it's gone without any explanation to, or communication with the community that has built up around this game.

11-03-2016, 11:34 AM
I hope you'll play the game, siric !
Thx for the response, guess we've said it all :)