View Full Version : Post your best Skiing/Snowboarding/winter sports related videos and pictures!

10-05-2016, 08:22 PM
Hey guys. We'll all pretty damn excited for Steep, that's for sure. While Ubi is keeping us in the dark with news about the game and while we're all waiting for the beta to start I thought I'd suggest making a thread of the best skiing, snowboarding or winter sports footage that YOU have either been in or produced yourself. Let's keep the stoke going both for winter and for Steep. I'll go first.

I made this short little ski movie last winter for a class and it actually made it to two little film festivals! I was pretty happy about it.


Feel free to post any videos or pictures that either feature you or that you have made. Looking forward to seeing the replies in this thread for sure! I'll try to post some more stuff of me down the line as well.:cool: