View Full Version : WOW Im gonna unistall this Uplay and rainbow six Siege its garbage !

10-03-2016, 02:49 AM
you know what ?!!

your game is ****t . why cause ur server is ****t too. me and my friend playin ranked game . we was 3- 0 won. so server disconnect wHat tfck !!! ???

hmm now im sure i will stay with steam i never get bug like your ****t pay for good programming .instead your Garbage software and game .

soo me and my friend get disconnected from server in ranked game when we are playin soo i tried to re connect on ranked . it said : you can not add your teamte he is already in the game wow amazing awesome . Fck nerdd .

so i also closed r6 to re open it again to get reconnect to server to the game. the fcking buggy problem i think you should stop sell your game and also ur Uplay interface . too much bugy. and i will untal the game right now . cause u r fckig ******s . we pay game with our money and we cant have fun cause your server is shiitt and ****k u i dont have respect for U for now . i told u i will unistal your fckinggg gale right now. and also ur uplay. all time crash . learn how to make good program after that sell it .

bring some Coders from Steam . cause steam is the best .

also me and my friend we r in the same stduio at work . so when he go take some sleep and let rainbow six open it show ušP TO ME in uplay my friend he is playing right now. well your Uplay is useless. i already play rainbow six codex online before i buy the game. i said well this game need to be buyed cause he realsed from the good hands after i buy the **** in self . i get 3 or 4 time on ranked this happen and no one fcking care .

and now R6 said to me u get will lget ban 15 min .eX..... ******** fcking useless coders .