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10-01-2016, 11:15 PM
Sorry I was really busy so I couldn't earlier say my word about CLOSED ALPHA of FOR HONOR
game is pretty awesome but yeah let's talk about some problems that I had in game (bugs etc.) and couple ideas

maybe let's start from ideas. I don't had also too much time to think about them but I would like to see in DUEL or BRAWL maps more traps. like some spikes etc.
I've seen already on levels fire,abyss but I think game needs more
so really every match can be unique. Just like unique matches are in RAINBOW SIX SIEGE. thanks to that I've spent with game more than 120 hours and I wish I could spend same amount of time with FOR HONOR.
so yeah just more traps on maps maybe or more dynamic maps? probably too late for that but yeah... Something what would give us that feel that we fight for like first time and everything is fresh. Not just killing another guy in Duel on same map using same technique

maybe add fog to the game in duels and brawl so sometimes we can't see sh*t by couple seconds and then everything is going back to normal and after some time (random) again fog or more dynamic rain. I know duels are too short for stuff like that but maybe not?

problems with game that I had
I don't really like icons of VS or ROUND 1 etc. those are to clear. just normal white letters not fitting to world of FOR HONOR for me. Icons of ATTACK AND DEFENSE were also to clear but I know you guys probably will change it. RS: SIEGE was doing that all the time.
I don't have anything to that guy who is talking - ROUND 1 but it also don't fit to me to the game. Of course I can get use to it but yeah.. I would prefer hear some awesome voice of warrior shouting or something- ROUND 1!

bugs not much of them. Sometimes on the begining of the match in japan map characters of enemies were to low and their feets were under ground/map but just a little bit. change Y of spawn characters and done.
another one bug was when I killed enemy and they should stay after round on the ground they were next to me standing straight
even if they should be dead. (that moment after end of the match when camera shows character that won from close)

once when I joined to BRAWL in middle of match I took place of AI but there was a glitch and I couldn't do anything. I was staying in place of spawn and I could only use marking? or pointing and that quick chat. Enemy couldn't kill me because I was like transparent to his sword. I had to stay until end of the match. I've got video of that whole situation so if you need it let me know I'll upload it on youtube and I'll post link here

probably that's all
Actaully I will buy game mostly only for DUEL it was best mode. I don't had so much fun with fighting games since playing TEKKEN 3 as kid. Since then I couldn't find myself in fighting games. Other games were boring to me (that's all tekkens,street fighters,mortal kombat)
in DUEL mode I had so much fun and so many emotions. Fantastic mode
BRAWL was cool too but not like DUEL. Actually I wish DUEL fights could be a little bit longer. Now it's pretty cool and i could say I think - realistic
but yeah maybe we should leave it like it is.

DOMINION? or how it was called? actually... a little bit disapointed. Too chaotic. it's more like some HACK N SLASH than TACTICAL SWORD FIGHT
DUEL and DOMINION could be completly different games. Hope in full game I will like this mode but for now. Nothing special. Maybe had one situation or 2 pretty cool but yeah... i prefer Duel mode.

my biggest fear with the game is for how long game will be fun. with Alpha I spent maybe less that 2 hours? but I never focus too much on demos etc. because I know it's not full game and I'll lose everything what I unlocked soon. so without that knowledge I can't buy game really on day release because I'm afraid that Ill spend with the game 11 hours in multi and I'll be bored like in BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE or NEED FOR SPEED 2015 (in nfs I was actually bored after 8 hours)
for sure I will buy the game but not quite sure yet if on day one.

sorry for my english and maybe too chaotic text. Tired af almost can't see what I'm writing but I had some free time to finally write that.

take care whatever read this and love you UBI <3 you are doing great job
wish you best