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10-01-2016, 10:05 PM
Note: Some minor spoilers for varied titles follows. Take heed Cipher.


What is a fact? Is it fixed? Immutable? Certain in its existence and only awaiting discovery? Or might it be changed?

Our first instance was to travel back. To change the past. But we could not find a way. But forward… We could look forward... And so here we sought to see beyond ourselves - and know what was to come.

- Juno

Predicting the Future


Within the time of the First Civilization, the Isu were beset with a crisis. The sun was on the verge of a massive solar flare, threatening all existence on Earth. They needed a solution, and so they looked to calculations. Scheming and prophesying future events became critically important, which led Minerva to create the The Eye and gave access to the Nexus.

If you mean to ask what it is you now see - it is known as the Nexus. From here, probabilities are calculated so that the proper path may be chosen.

For all of their technology, the Isu were unable to prevent events playing out, and the Earth barely survived - the Isu nearly extinct. But their technology, and their expertise in this field lives on. The Antikythera Mechanism was a recognised Isu device for foretelling the future, and the technology of the Grand Temple - including The Eye - was subsequently catalogued by Abstergo.

Future prediction has often been an area that real world black projects have supposedly focused on. Remote viewing for one example. It would not be outlandish to assume that the deeply secretive and well funded conglomerate that is Abstergo has already managed to reverse engineer some of this technology for their own purposes.

Time Travel - Simulated or Actual?


The Last Descendants novel introduces us to the concept of extrapolated genetic memories. In essence this means that the Animus can emulate and recreate data with no actual data being present. It is essentially 'best guessing' from available relevant information. If we were to apply the same principles to existing modern day information, it would theoretically be possible for the Animus software (with enough computing power) to recreate a vision of the future - one where the likelihood of existing trends could converge. It would in essence recapture the calculations that the Isu were utilising, especially if their original technology was now applied to this new forward looking Animus.

Herein lies another enticing opportunity for Abstergo. In the original Assassin's Creed game, in an e-mail from 2012 Alan Rikkin revealed that an actual Isu time travel artifact is currently held in secure storage. This was used in the infamous Philadelphia Project;

Philadelphia Project - Data provided from Animus Subject Twelve indicates that the ship briefly manifested in a future state for approximately 18 minutes. It is unclear whether the timeline is consistent with or parallel to our own. Although we have recovered enough data to reconstruct and repair the original artifact used in the experiment, Administration has refused to move forward on the project, citing paradox concerns. Corporate policy remains in place: any objects found to interfere with or manipulate time must be contained. Artifact will be moved to secure storage.

With the impending threat of Juno, and the unending hostilities with the Assassins - would they dare to pursue this project once again? If they could see the outcome of every major decision, it would theoretically pave the way for ultimate Templar control and victory.

Alternate Realities


So what might one see in these possible futures? The Tyranny of King Washington DLC showed us that not only does Isu technology allow to see our current timeline of reality, but also those where events have taken a very different turn.

In example, what would the world of 2050 look like? Would the Assassins have adapted to new technology such as stealth cloaking fields, or plasma hidden blades? Would the concept of freedom versus control still apply to Artificial Intelligence and androids? Would transhumanism be used as a further field to show the division between the two factions, as the very technology itself would control and become part of humanity - would the Assassins fight to keep the human body pure? What new gameplay opportunities would a near future offer?

There are a whole field of questions and narrative opportunities if the franchise chose to take a look 'the other way' into the future. Certainly the lore allows for, and has evidence of futuristic visions. Seeing the same location in multiple timelines (http://imgur.com/XteVW6F) would be pretty interesting too. It would be down to Ubisoft to decide as to whether such a futuristic open world setting would be worthy of a spin off title, a DLC, or perhaps a hidden section like the WW1 area of Syndicate. Maybe even a Blood Dragon tie-in just for the fun of it. With these stories likely to be a 'possible' future, it would be quite easy to make them standalone and self contained, so as not to impact on the modern day or future games.

Still... who knows what the future holds.

Someone knows, I can assure you of that. Remember this?



[Credit to the excellent artists KM33 (http://km33.deviantart.com/art/Deus-Assassin-359094987), and alaztheri (http://alaztheri.deviantart.com/art/Templar-design-472559745) for their excellent artwork.]

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Wonderful theory and another interesting thing about the Animus:)
But for the love of AC storyline whatever happens don't travel through time, alternate realities like King Washington are alright and really interesting but actual time travel NO! Recreating data from a vision of the future is a big NO in my book. I would actually be supporting the Templars to hide these Isu fragments so they never get used.

Edit: btw is the novel good I want to get it but the stores close to me don't have it -_-