View Full Version : the biggest problem of honor at this time

09-29-2016, 08:29 PM
the game's biggest problem so far are the modes, the dominions so really resembles a battle, but I believe that the proposed game would fit much better with some way to remember a real war, could put a mode with three teams battles (3 factions) or something else, why not see the dominion how an attractive way to be the flagship of the game ,could add one mode with one objetive : conquest ,through your minions with enemy's defense and catch the castle or expulse enemys ,and you guy's ,agree ? (google translater) http://static9.cdn.ubisoft.com/resource/pt-BR/game/forhonor/fh-game/fh_promo-game-modes_ncsa.jpg

09-29-2016, 09:58 PM
I have to say I think the game modes that are present in the game at the moment are great and I think they give a real solid footing for the game. Of course there will always be the opportunity for the dev team to expand upon those modes with updates/ DLC in the future.

It could be interested to see a game mode where three teams battle against each other, but I think for something like this to happen we'd have to incorporate a much bigger map with a lot more points perhaps.