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09-29-2016, 05:59 PM

We’re buckling up and headed to the open road for this month’s celebration with The Crew. To learn what really makes this game special we headed directly to the community and spoke to Asamur!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I'm Krzysztof, a 28 years old gamer from Poland. I suffer from muscle atrophy and to play I use a mouse thanks to an external software called Alt Controller.

Video games have been my passion for about 15 years. I'm type of player who enjoys a game months at a time, however only The Crew has kept me playing for longer. My love for The Crew made me an admin of the biggest fan group on Facebook - The Crew Social.

How did you discover The Crew?

I believe it was after 1st beta test in 2014. A Polish YouTuber made a video about cruising and exploring the USA in The Crew. Since he had been to US, he was amazed at how accurate the game is and how great it feels to cruise within the world. I was immediately hyped like never before. I've always dreamt about such a game! I decided that I must do everything to get it in my hands so I pre-ordered it, which was something I had never done before.


What makes The Crew unique for you?

It’s hard to say what's unique in The Crew, because it's so complex. First of all is the level of freedom you get. The massive map without barriers allows you to go anywhere and explore what you want, in the way that you want. Real living cities and towns with pedestrians, intense traffic, beautiful real-life landscapes, and variety of scenic views that are all combined into that American atmosphere. In summary, it's the best driving game ever made. There's nothing better than a long cruise without a set destination, at low speed, enjoying every piece of the map in my favorite muscle car.

What’s your favorite car?

I’m a fan of both classic and modern muscle cars. I love the old Camaro, 2013 GT500 and 2011 Mustang GT specifically. The car I have with the biggest mileage is in my raid spec Mustang GT with a total of about 10,000km.


What’s your favorite aspect of car customization?

The best thing when it comes to customization are the specs! It's such a unique idea because most racing games just give you parts that can be installed in your car. But, in The Crew when you look at all the different specs that are available you have a choice between hundreds of visual parts on most of the cars. You are even able to design the interiors!

From the event types available, which one do you find most enjoyable?

Freedrive Challenges (FDC) and "Drive from A to B" Faction Missions. FDC is a perfect tool to save your favorite routes and share them with friends. It also functions as a tool to make unique cross-platform challenges to find out who's the best player among all your friends. Faction Missions are usually amazingly designed tracks that lead you through fantastic places! It's the best tool to test out if a car fits you and if you fit it. "Drive from A to B"- type missions are simply another way to cruise.


Do you have a favorite memory from the game?

I have so many fantastic memories, but there are two that really stand out to me!

- Once I decided to go out for a cruise with some friends, a girl from Hungary and guy from Netherlands. We got into our favorite raid cars and went on a casual trip to Long Island on the East Coast. We spent our time crashing into rocks, driving on piers, and seeing touristic places with cops hot on our tails. Casual things can become unforgettable experience if you do them with people you like.

- I took a solo trip from the East Coast to the West Coast. No GPS or mini-map, following traffic rules and speed limits, and stopping every night at motels just so I could enjoy rain and living cities. It was an amazing feeling when I arrived at the closest town just before it got dark. The whole trip took more than 3 hours, but when I saw Pacific Ocean in front of me, it was so worth it! It meant a lot to me.


10-01-2016, 01:41 AM
Thank you for sharing. I love your memories Asamur! :D