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09-28-2016, 11:11 PM
Warning: This topic contains spoilers from both the novel Last Descendants, its associated comic book series, and potentially other sources. Proceed with caution Cipher.


Something mysterious is now happening within the present day of the AC lore. The six main protagonists of the Last Descendants novel (which includes Sean from the comics) each represent a different bloodline, with each in turn having either Assassin or Templar ancestors. What is remarkable is that all of these bloodlines have seemingly come together despite being littered around the globe, all in concordance with the discovery of a Piece of Eden.

Abstergo refers to this theoretical occurence as an Ascendance Event. To cite Isaiah and Dr Bibeau;

According to my theory, the phenomenon has only been documented a handful of times in all recorded history, and is not well understood, governed by sympathetic genetic forces we're still decoding.
There is confluence, a convergence, a synergy in your coming together. Individually and collectively, your potential is beyond our ability to quantify.
You are all rising up as one from the wellspring of your ancestors. It's as if your lineage and DNA have been moving toward this moment for generations.

This opens up all manner of interesting narrative questions. As they all seemingly have Eagle Vision, one must presume that the Precursor DNA within them is somehow guiding directly to First Civilization artifacts. But what is the unifying force behind it? Could it be the Koh-i-noor? We know it is able to combine the power of the Pieces of Eden together, but does that extend to DNA?


As an alternative viewpoint, what if we must now question everything that came before. Did all the Assassins and Templars throughout time converge on Pieces of Eden purely from knowledge and discovery, or have they always been guided by a greater unidentified force? The timing of the current Ascendance Event is quite interesting given Juno's purported incoming resurrection - is there a connection?


Hopefully we'll get some more answers as the novels and comics continue in the coming months, but I find this aspect fascinating - especially if it will ultimately feed back into the main game storyline. We are seeing the meta story line of the Titan Comics getting nearer and nearer to the events of Syndicate now, so its a distinct possibility.

Hah, I got through an entire thread without mentioning Eve once.

Oh wait... damn.

09-29-2016, 12:13 AM
I always enjoyed your threads Sorrosyss, because of how deep your questions and theories go. This one's no exception. I can't wait to get this novel and dive into it.

As for these Ascendance Events... what if they are guided by a Precursor? I remember my friend telling me how one of his Isu OCs left messages in certain parts of the globe in order to make sure certain human migrations happen, certain lineages meet and DNA's mix in order to result in Desmond being born. I really liked that idea as it really explores just how supremely intelligent and precocious the Isu can be.

And it constantly makes me wonder... just how the heck were we beating them in the war for our freedom? XD

09-29-2016, 02:19 AM
I'm a little concerned at what I perceive to be an increasing trend in the series to appeal to pre-teens. Everything I've read about Last Descendants and the comics sounds like something out of Percy Jackson or X-Men. A group of talented kids are brought together by their unique specialness and everyone praises the hell out of them.

"Individually and collectively, your potential is beyond our ability to quantify."


Before you say anything, Desmond absolutely fell into this trope as well, but at least he was just one guy. The rest of his team were normal people. Shaun even regularly took Desmond down a peg or two by reminding him he wasn't impressed by Desmond being "the Chosen One".

So yeah, I'm not very enthused about this development. It sounds like a superhero group pitch and I believe AC should be more than that. But they've been trying to turn the assassins into superheroes more and more with each passing year, from the increasingly fantastical gadgets to easily recognizable uniforms which is totally ridiculous for a secret society that prides itself on blending in. In the Animus some superhuman feats are still feasible since you can pass them off as being part of the simulation, but a real jump-the-shark moment came in Syndicate when we saw modern day assassin Galina dodge bullets by performing circus flips, outside the Animus.

I'm hoping Empire will prove me wrong, but the recent developments in the expanded universe have made me think the franchise is gearing itself towards a younger audience than before.