View Full Version : Thank you uplay to lose my 2 ranked

09-28-2016, 07:19 PM
hey .

i lost 2 ranked one for :

we start playing at 5. after camera view when game start our teamate he just leave i dont know him. he just leave so we played all games at 4vs 5 . and we did 4 - 4 score and last one we lose it. so no reward nothing. try to make something to help 4 vs 5 on ranked game. or kick one from highest number team to equilibrate thank you.. and one think try to make when someone play ranked and he get kicked or i dont know he got dc try to make something like league of legend he can rejoin again the same game cause it will be useless if some one play ranked and got probvlem at 4-4 score and last one he is dc . so if he want to re reach sv he cant. so it will be nice idea to make it as lol riot game . thank you.

the real matter is :

2 - the real issue is when i play 5min ago i played ranked i lost it. cause i get that useless bug : no ctrl "duck" working in keyboard. Not shortcut for C working tooo . nothing work only move player + mouse and thats it i tried to rest as default it go worst then i was imagine " my mouse sensitivity wrong aim also ex.... everything worst i die when changing make something like counter strike exec cfg to can use ur setup and dissolbe this bug. i can do nothing really . no F . no E no A . ex... why this bug come from and i lost my ranked acause of this i cant help my friend . with just moving no duck nothing . thank you.