View Full Version : How to expand the shield radius of the orbit Station?

09-28-2016, 11:07 AM
How does the shield radius of the orbital Station expand?

I built my modules in hope the shield radius would expand automatically, but nothing happens. Clicking on the Center / Station Piece does not have any purchase or whatever Option to expand it either. same when clicking on the glowy light bulp Symbol, and in the orbital overview is nothing noticable about it either.

I do have the astronauts from all Areas at the Station as well, (30 each).

So can someone please tell me what I Need to do to get a bigger Orbital Station / expand that shield radius?

Thanks a lot in advance.

09-29-2016, 09:57 AM
When you click on the Orbit Icon (top left corner) you get the Orbit development screen and there you see 5 lines with green symbols. THese are the possible developments which you have to make - and they take quite some time starting with quick for the inner circle and up to 2 hours for the outer circle. In order to make these developments you have to build the orbit stations adjacent to the respective green line and to do the outer circle one you need 5 stations of the respective category.

Just click on the green fields and you see what they will generate. And some of them mean expansion of the shield radius.

Sorry, this may sound complicated, but I am not so familiar with the English names for the various elements. In doubt don't hesitate to ask, you can also send me a PN.