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09-27-2016, 08:43 AM
To speak of myself before I start with my suggestion, I live in South Korea which is not the land of Kim-Jueg Eun.

As one of them, I played a lot of so called 'Korean' games. When I was get bored of those games I heard about The Division by chacne.

There are two groups of Gamer in here. One hates Ubisoft because of downgrades (Watch Dogs, Division, ETC) and scanty game management (bugs... servers.. ETC).

The other likes Ubisoft becuase of localization. At lease I can play games as Korean version although the game itself might be that of GOTY's.

I was one of the other group. I liked Ubisoft's localization policy and their unique game concepts. I decided to buy The Division.

Since then, I have bought several games of Ubisoft and now I have 26 games.

So to the point. I think Uplay could be better than now.
( Set server stability problem aside since it is up to Ubisoft Client Enginner. Faire Un Effort~)

I have several ideas.

First, connect Ubi Forums to Uplay.

Ubi forum is a wide place to discuss, talk, submit feedback and many other things. However, Ubi forum is not properly exposed to general users.

Actually I didn't know the existence of Ubi forums at first. I just used reddit which is more famous than ubi forum. Furthermore, light users do not actively search through webs.

Ubi forum's biggest advantage in comparison with other communities is that Ubisoft employees are really in there. That's why I think combining Uplay and Ubi forum would be a Trop Cool Idea.

The more games' general inforamtion, bugs, problems and updates being exposed to people, the more user's satisfaction and happy smile.

Second, rewards for Uplay levels.

I was really impressed by a leveling system of Uplay because I have never seen such thing before. Now my Uplay level is 39 and I know that Uplay level is actually empty.

Playing games is nice experience and getting rewards when you just play games is nice-ER.

Rewards would lead people to register more games and play harder to gather more EXP.

( I have simple examples of the reward but the essence of my second suggestion is "to give reward" not what I'm going to write from now on.

1. Special UI : Speical UI for Uplay. EX:) I can see metallic and steam-punk of AC:Syndicate If I turn on Uplay.

There could be lot of UIs and users can select which one to receive when they reach certain level. Or else they can buy UI with Uplay credits.

2. Moving profile image: This would be awesome if it is hard to connect with Uplay reward system. Maybe not for Uplay engineer....

3. Dumped ideas. : I actually thought more than just two but I concluded that it is not that practical or realistic. Such as additional sale percentage up to 5 % for certain level users, Beta code offer, Iconic display mode of library.. ETC.)

I wish my ideas could be read and give impressions to who takes care of Uplay.

Sorry for the combination of bad composition and crude English. I wish you could catch the point.