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09-26-2016, 01:11 PM
In this video, Rebecka (Studio Manager) gives a superb insight into the background of Steep and the Studio bringing it to us. She has an answer for everything, and handles it with such grace and warmth.. Annecy are luck with her at the helm! :)


For me, this is a reminder to keep our expectations in check (but not our imaginations!) when we realise the team that are creating Steep fought for it to come to life as a fully-funded concept. It is a passion project for them surrounded by the mountains. And I can't imagine the time and dedication they must have put into this, when you know that the Studio is a mere 80 people strong, and a go-to multiplayer studio for Ubisoft.. so when they're not building a new raid for The Division, or frantically developing new coop missions for Ghost Recon: Wildlands, they pour their passion into creating a genre-defining mountain experience for us. :cool:

I would imagine around half of the Studio at any one time, about 40 people, must be working full-time on Steep. That's tiny. Especially for a Ubisoft which usually develops games in a multi-studio format.. I wonder if anyone is helping out with Steep! I say this in recognition of their staggering achievement. Of how easily this could have been a snowboard-only game, or much reduced in scope. Their ambition is mountainous!

As our Winters start closing in, and the peaks around Studio Annecy whiten.. give a thought for the small and intensely passionate team that is working hard at the top of that tower to bring us this niche game. We have a really good thing going here.. healthy discussion and fans that are as passionate as the developers. I'm sure the Beta will flood our heads and this forum with smart ideas, and less-courteous demands, and when it does, let's not forget the maverick developers that envisioned an open-world multiplayer mountain range and somehow built it between their other demands. That's EXTREME development if you ask me (considering this is not an indie, garage-coded, single-platform, permanently in open beta type of game)..

As someone who has dreamt of this kind of game since the systems came along to power it, I feel blessed that there are people out there that shared the same dream.

Thank you Studio Annecy!

Want to see more of the people behind this madcap project.. look here..


09-26-2016, 04:20 PM
I am not willing to keep my expectations in check for Steep! They will stay sky high :)

They have/had support from Ubi Montpellier and Kiev. I remember Kiev does that PC version tuning. Did not see anywhere what Montpellier does/did.
Regarding man power it all depends how much you are doing from scratch. Ubi Annency relies heavily on existing game engine content. For example the world tech is from Wildlands, the animation system looks like the Division system, the multiplayer is standard Ubi Tech and so on and so on. Not saying that there is not any work left to do, but with this jump start you can do A LOT with 40-80 people over the course of 3 years. For example Snow uses CryEngine and was done by only a few chaps, if I I remember correctly. It is possible because you have the engine ready at your service. It also explains why in Steep there is an auto-stop when walking, because all other Ubigames have that and to change it, they would have to recode the engine.
I am sure, with 40-80 people who are all in good shape coding and game dev wise, you can do A LOT if you use existing technology.

PS: I remember that in one video they even said the paragliding is derived Wildlands.

09-26-2016, 07:26 PM
I think Montpellier is networking stuff, but don't quote me on that. If so, the core team is just Annecy. You're very right about how much they have been able to inherit.. which is great. I'm hoping they will inherit the multi-seat helicopter and ground effects from Wildlands too.. that's already looking great.