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09-24-2016, 09:46 PM
I don't even know where to start...
So all i'm going to say is that the game has way too complicated crap going on it with the more ''customizable'' approach and with sill trees and items having level requirements and to craft you need to loot something you don't even know where to get.
The side missions that are awfully laid out and that player has no control over are annoying af, no matter what you do the result is allways the same.

And the most important part that made me write a rant of some sort, was that the player has so little control over of what happens in this game.
You can't jump on to a wagon while in combat and this freaking rope launcher working whenever it feels like it wants to, it's all pre scripted crap and all you can do is press buttons and hope that the game follows.

Oh and the combat system hasn't gone any better with the skill level crap, it's actually worse because it's not even fun anymore.

I don't know if that made any sense but the game doesn't make any sense either so the game is like this rant.

10-14-2016, 11:02 AM
Played all of them up to Unity. Haven't bought Syndicate yet. I've always looked at Assassins Creed as a parkour game that doesn't do parkour, a stealth game that doesn't do stealth and an action game that's a simple block/button masher with three types of enemies (normal guy, big guy, sharpshooter on roof guy). I wont even get into their attempt at RPG: kill a poor animal to craft a dart a pouch. That you don't need. Err... no thanks. Then there's the useless shiny stuff to collect which helps you unlock something at the end of the game by which time you are finished anyway and don't need it. The non-story portion of the is basically a spreadsheet. To be fair one thing they do get right is the characterization and story. The acting has always been top notch.
Having finished Rogue a couple of weeks ago I have to say that I really enjoyed it. SweetFX setting,several ini tweaks, F16 fighter pilot HUD off except SSI... looks amazing.

10-14-2016, 09:45 PM
Hm, resources for crafting are in chests, which you can find in the world. To find them is not hard - you buy a treasure map from a vendor and if you do all the synchronization points in a borough you see all the locations of those chests with your treasure map. Locked chests contain either gear, blue prints or unique materials for crafting, unlocked chest have crafting items and a few hundred pounds. The cost of a treasure map is back within just opening a couple of chests, so it is worth to buy them. So basically these chests provide you with both, the materials and the money to craft your items.

Another way to quickly generate a lot of money and acquire skill points are fighting clubs, every borough has one and they are accessible after you have talked to Toppings - the guy which Evie rescued in the tutorial mission. He is a bookmaker and arranges races and fighting clubs. Fighting clubs are a good way to get a good feeling for how to fight in the game - without the use of weapons in the club, but it is not that much different in the open world - just that there you might include combos with guns or throwing knives into it.

Furthermore for the fun of it talk to Ned Wynert, she has cargo escort and cargo hijacking missions for you - plenty of them all over the place, which provide you with money and resources. And a cheap gang upgrade provides you with ale heists, which is basically similar to cargo hijacking. A quick way to make money is as well to tackle thieves and you see this kind of quickly accessible missions all over the place. Then don't forget the kids - with the little Rooks upgrade the little Rooks can provide you with materials and money, which they steal from people. I got up to 5,000 pounds from a little Rook, but most of the time you get materials from them.

Combat isn't hard, just use what you got and upgrade your combat skills - and use your tools wisely, smoke bombs and voltaic bombs can be pretty powerful in combat. Not to talk about that you can avoid a lot of combat with using your halocinogenic darts. If you have your gang upgraded a lot of missions are quite easy to do. In many locations Rooks will be nearby - and once you shoot an enemy with a halocinogenic dart, your Rooks might step in and support you or even complete the missions for you - in a conflict with your Rooks the enemy is not raising an alarm as long as you are not stepping in as well. Especially in child liberation missions this is a quite good way to do it - make them kill each other with your halocinogenic dart and kill the last one standing - and then free the children and done.

Evie is perfect to do the strongholds - because she can carry twice the amount of throwing knives - with her special perk - which basically means she has no problem to deal with 20+ enemies just with her throwing knives and before that most of the enemies can be taken out with halocinogenic darts. Evie is perfect for this kind of job, she will not get hurt and be in total control of the situation due to her marvelous stealth abilities. If she has the stealth pistol, she is a power house of destruction and can take down a huge amount of enemies with ease. And with voltaic bombs her abilities are nearly limitless. Just use what you got, Evie is far better than you might think, especially later in the game.

AC Syndicate is a really good game - give it another try and use some of my suggestions - and have fun, the game is really a lot of fun, just immerse yourself into it.

10-14-2016, 10:23 PM
Well, because I mentioned fighting clubs - just a warning - do not fight too much in those clubs, it is pretty tempting because it generates skill points rather quickly. I did that the first time around in 19th century London and got overpowered before I had done even half of the storyline missions. So use these clubs wisely - to generate a few skill points and a couple of tens of thousands of pounds - but then stay away from them - use it to upgrade your gang, but do not overpower yourself, be average for the storyline missions, to keep them interesting and at least a bit of a challenge - overpowered they will not be a lot of fun to do - do not make the same mistake I made in my first play through.

10-15-2016, 07:46 AM

I really wonder what you mean by "the player does not have any control about what happens" in regards to side-missions. To me it feels to be the exact opposite of it. Evie or Jacob have full control - the restricted area is well marked on the map, one can investigate and tag all the enemies in the mission area beforehand in sneak mode with eagle vision. And if the gang is upgraded, you will find Rooks nearby which might step in, if you trigger the right things, so that a lot of the work is done by them. You look for possible entry points if you have to get into a building and otherwise height is your friend - approach it from the roof tops in stealth. This way you are in total control. Now use your arsenal of weaponry, starting out with halocinogenic darts - choose a target or if possible a fire source and shot a dart into it or hit your target with it - this guy will go mad and attack all what is nearby. A side-effect of his rage is, that your Rooks might step in, if they are near enough to him and so they will do a lot of the work, without that you are even in danger at all.

Well and the rest is rather easy - you have your throwing knives and if you are lucky as well a stealth pistol - which means you have all the power you need to take down dozens of enemies without to have to expose yourself. I would call this "total control" and not lack fo control, how you see it. Just change your approach and it will be fine.

10-15-2016, 08:09 AM
And now the rope launcher - to understand why it works sometimes and sometimes not from your position, you need to see, that the trajectory of the path you will glide on this rope is not a flat one, but it is concave. Which means, if you do not aim your rope launcher directly up, you need some space to "fall" first in front of you for it to work. That is why you will not be able to do a lot with it from the very roof top center, because you might not have the space in front of you to free fall a bit. But when you move more to the edge or on the roof of a dormer on the roof, you will find, that now you have a lot of possible targets for your rope launcher, because now you have space in front of you to "fall" a bit. To learn about the trajectory and get a feeling for it is as well required when you want to get all Helix glitches, which are party high up in the air and just accessible with the rope launcher. But you need to have a feeling for the trajectory of your path along the rope, to be able to hit those helix glitches. It is just a matter of practice once this is understood. Good luck.