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09-23-2016, 09:17 AM
Hi, everyone!

I'm working on creating a website, called '3, 2, 1, Continue', the goal of which is to be a memorial for games that were released and eventually 'died' (i.e., closed). It's ironic how with the advancement of technology we've started making games that have a real life span, and I want there to be a place that would pay respects to those games and the time that the developers and players have put into it.

With the 4 F2P ubisoft games closing soon, I thought it would be a good idea to start with those games before the forums are closed.

The general goal is to have a page for each such game with a short description of it, and stories from players and developers.

So, please, anyone interested, tell your most memorable stories, experiences, events from or related to Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. Developers are welcome to write here too (though please put a note that you're a developer and who you are concretely), although if you don't, I'll try to contact you anyway in some other form :p

If possible, please try to keep the stories 1-3 paragraphs long, though if the story can't be told in that span, then feel free to write it anyway, will try to find a way to incorporate them in a page.

Thank you all for your time :)

09-26-2016, 12:39 PM
The most memorable story about MQEL is how Ubisoft was offered 750K € cash money, a solid business model and a development plan in exchange for a partnership in the game. But they decided to ignore it and waste the opportunity to make 500-700K € yearly profit on the game and instead close it down due to incompetence.

Like I said in another thread, I give it 2 years tops, and Ubisoft are gonna wish they even had 750K € bankroll.

09-26-2016, 01:01 PM
I'll tell you the story of a game with an incredible potential shutdown.

That is the real truth. This game has a huge potential, I do not understand how it is possible to ruin a game at this point with really bad decisions. You Had community support with a lot of ideas for balance and other stuff. Even players to make a partnership with and refinance part of the game. And with all of that, you finally close the game.

We was without any updates and news during 1 year.

Your biggest mistake was probably to not make a similar game or a sequel to MQEL. I tested a lot of games, all license ect .. and here you really had an unique concept with huge potential.

- Name in MQEL : RmZ
- Clan : Magnum Opus

09-26-2016, 01:39 PM
Hey. like my friends before me already stated, these where some of the most shocking moments. And we will remember that for shure.
but i am here to tell some stories from my long MQ carreer i will never forget. the good ones.
1) As i started my MQ carreer i was obsessed by seriously_2.0 gameplay. a rude guy sometimes but imho the best mage this game has ever seen. he was my idol back then so i tried to impress him. I was about 1400 crowns back then and tried it over and over again and finally managed to beat it. he was obviously pissed and left some salty messages and i replied in the same manner. this was the start of our long and bloody rivalry.
2) The day i joined forgotten_talent. Harrogath (infamous back then) was a pretty good mate from the first day,so he recommended me for his clan,with ofcourse was declined by seriously_2.0. I looked for some people to team up with and so i met some of the best and nicest guys in MQ. sadly,most of them are long gone.
3) The fight was still up but harrogath and me still where friends....showed many and many times like as we achieved the first elite2 gold trophy for harro and next week he did the same for me. it was the first cooperation in rival clans i saw there. we also enjoyed the easter event,building some castles to farm for eachother and hunted thousands of eggs ^^
4) seriously_2.0 and me finally teamed up for the first time. rivals for months but we teamed up to get him a fancy elite 2 gold too. since then we where frenemies and talked a lot via steam.
5) the merging days. Since We got friends and some other merges where going on the idea for Absolute_Zero was born. I am still proud of the List of big names our clan has and i learned to love the other people of olŽinfamous. I am still proud they call me a leader.
6) The biggest cooperation this game has ever seen imho was the weeks where ALMOST everyone helped me to achieve the first Boss trophy ever. people i have fought for long united to achieve a bigger goal, even the game was already dead for months. i am still very touched all those nice people thought i am worth to get it and we did it flawless. i will never forget that and it will always be the best memory i have. greetings to all guys involved.

thats my best of list of memories

09-26-2016, 01:44 PM
First off, I'm going to state the obvious, when you ask people to think back on MQEL it's mostly bitter, with very little sweet. But, the game is dead and nothing is going to change that now. So let's get on to good memories...

There are two good things that I'm taking away from MQEL. The first is my interactions with Novitcz and the second is the music. Both of these, I intend to enjoy for a long time.

When Novitcz came on as the Creative Director he tried to extend the community interactions between the players and the developmers of the game. While a few of us remember the personalized in-game rings we got, and what we did with them, I prefer to remember the private dev chats he held on Skype between himself and certain players with the intention that we would help to keep the rest of the community informed on what was going on with the game. These chats also afforded us the chance to get into the head a game designer, and I won't forget that opportunity he allowed us to have.

Secondly, the music from MQEL has, in my opinion, been the game's strongest point. And thanks to certain 3rd party software I was able to rip the audio from the game files and rearrange and remix them into my own personal MQEL soundtrack. So even with the game shutting down, I'll still have two CD's worth of Opulencia to listen to when I'm feeling a bit nostalgic.

There is a lot to be said about MQEL if you ask any dedicated player, It's the way that the game was handled (or rather not handled) in the past year has left a rather unpalatable taste in many people's mouths. Some would even argue that the taint started much earlier than that... While ProjectOne was an interesting experiment, it was, by and large, a failure. Though maybe someone else somewhere down the road might pick up a few of the pieces and make a success out of them.

09-28-2016, 12:40 PM

Thank you for the feedback :)

I understand the bitterness. I'm not and have never been part of the MQEL team (or acquainted to them), so please don't look at me as a Ubi employee, but as a person who wants to create a site remembering shut down games and all the good times people had with them.

Even though the events with the game have been problematic, I'm sure that still there would be many good memories that it would be nice to keep somewhere :)

09-29-2016, 01:44 AM
Some of my fondest memories from MQEL are from its early beta version, where castle defenses could be both overpowered or precarious and vulnerable. It was no small feat to set your castle up with a chain reaction of hungerbot hooks and springtraps so that the invader was completely stuffed and got dragged to his doom by your killing machine. These designs took hours and hours of building and testing and tweaking and could in the end be spoiled by if the invader was lucky, overly careful or wise to the trick. I enjoyed some of the comments players left after falling victim to these setups... and the replays were always hilarious.

Early beta was host to a myriad of bugs which were quickly patched out (the early dev team was good at hotfixes) but enjoyable to discover and use VS the unsuspecting during their existence. Things like hamster wheel perma-knockdown was funny (watching the 10minute + replays and imagining the players frustration - delicious), castle creatures getting trapped in walls and usually being unkillable as a result (I've seen 'em get stuck everywhere... in room walls, in the treasure room, under the floor and my favorite... outside the castle in the sky thanks to a mass Dr. Skull setup when beta had no aggro limitations), when shieldotrons could guard boosted puppet healers and Pete Poundmores/Robotrons were OP (DPS check guyz), rooms full of bowling ball hungerbots when stun duration didn't get a stacking debuff (almost perma knockdown again - especially when one remembers how gloriously swift the old hungerbot animations were - could also be done using charging cyclops too for a chance at seeing the rare moonwalk cyclops), when you'd set your castle up to try and get the invader to recklessly aggro more than one group ("man this castle is easy - 3 lone derps/snotters...what a newb... Wait what?! Where'd this swarm of explosive bomblings come from YARRRGGGGG!")... ah early beta was the greatest.

This game would have been awesome if they just kept pumping out traps, creatures and heroes / hero items skills. Then allow us to find/discover the synergies and bugs and balance/fix along the way. All the while pump out loads of cosmetics for castles / heroes and Viola! Game is amazing and successful.

09-30-2016, 08:37 PM
This new is really sad, that probably the best game i played and i met the best community..Everything was perfect in this game, gameplay,musics, and the concept was just wow.
Devs broke my heart when they decided to change everything in this game for no reason at all and forced me to quit this great game/community, i dont want to feel that again so im not playing games anymore to not be betrayed again lol.
But my most memorable stories/moments was when we were all having fun with our beloved community manager errok and ubival every week.
For those who remember me, i just want to say to all of you i truly love you, the time i spend with you in this games was true happiness and i wish everybody a happy life.


10-05-2016, 06:33 PM
Some of my more enjoyable memories came from the endless hours I would spend tweaking my castle with friends and clan members. Theorizing defenses, and then having people test them with each class, only to decide to move just one trap a single space and test for hours again was oddly enjoyable.

Skraal was one of the first players I looked up to and he accepted me into forgotten_talent, back when I was still trying to defend my loot with non-rare traps. I took a lot of pride in being able to make designs that relied purely on the "basic" traps, ignoring their rarer counterparts, but ultimately found that they were largely inferior. Skraal didn't mind though and eventually became one of the fastest clears for my castles, both in their infancy and when they matured into extremely complex shenanigans. I remember nodding a firm "GOOD" whenever I could clear one of my odd designs close to the time he could post it in, and a resounding "HECK YES" when I could clear it faster. I think, for me, the memories I will take away the most is the pleasure I had trying to think of creative outside-the-box ways to use traps or minions, and mastering the agro-circle to incorporate spotters and planned pulls.

The community in this game was amazing. Diehard fans, all of us. Xaero even took it upon himself to let me know this post even existed, and has had me wanting to come back and check on things more than once.

I pray that Ubisoft is able to learn from this experience, and I honestly hope to see a private server pop-up so that I can embark again on the mighty quest I never got to finish.