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09-23-2016, 01:06 AM
Before I give you these tips on how to beat a orochi I just gotta say you guys need to be better I'm playing the game this is skill-based game how you think I got good with him I got my *** kicked on the ai you guys are just slow so here the tips on how to beat him 1 it's all about movement on your behalf you have to move when he's going to hit you 2 Storm Rush when is blade is facing the left side you block with the left when his blade is facing the right side you block from the right I have no choice but to break out of my storm Rush and when he steps back that's usually a sign saying hey I'm doing my storm Rush and 3 you know how is deflect makes that weird light like metal scraping metal and is making Sparks that's a warning sign two step back I can't hit you if you step back and the freebie practice on your blocking can't tell you how many people I just seen just jump in there heavy-hitting and that's half of that is your fault you're losing stamina

09-26-2016, 06:18 PM
Firstly: dude, grammar is a thing; use it! Secondly: these are some helpful tips for extremely basic counters to basic Orochi moves. But knowing which direction Storm Rush is coming from isn't going to help you with a good player who utilizes it correctly (IE: while you're preforming some type of action leaving you vulnerable). Some characters like the Raider can deal with something like Storm Rush more effectively with his lunging pummel strike. Someone like the Warden is at the mercy of the Orochi's mobility.

The reality is at this point that the Orochi can dictate the pace and cadence of the fight. Whether one had experience with combat IRL or in fighting games you'd understand that this is an inherent advantage. Movement is important in any dueling scenario. Your second point just shows how easy it is for the Orochi to threaten you without any consequence. Deflect is a guaranteed light attack and you cannot back-step away from. You can evade the heavy non-guarantee, but why would someone NOT take the guaranteed damage that still leads into a potential combo? Only a foolish someone with a sense of style maybe ;-)

It IS a skill based game. And it still takes skill to use the Orochi. But his potential is far beyond that of other characters through basic inherent advantages. That's why there is so much Orochi hate, and that's why there are so many frustrated people IMO.

09-26-2016, 08:49 PM
I'm trying to help out these people they need to learn that this is a skill-based game I play the orochi it also doesn't help I kept improving my stats so yeah he was strong but that's part of the game making your hero stronger you're one of those people that understand

09-27-2016, 09:05 AM
Bewbs gets it. The Orochi, with its risk free defensive abilities and variety of offensive abilities is inherently at an advantage against all opponents, and that makes the class imbalanced. That it's not impossible to win against it isn't the point.

Unlike everyone else, there is never a situation where an Orochi is at a disadvantage. And that's not fine.