View Full Version : AI Pathing Issue

09-22-2016, 11:34 PM
My friend and I found ourselves able to recreate a situation where an AI conqueror was particularly attached to a little hallway on the Citadel Gate map. The AI would run away if I got within a certain distance from the hallway and then approach when I got any closer. In some cases, the AI was unresponsive. My friend was able to get right up next to the AI without it reacting. I was able to record a video of the odd AI behavior.


Apologies for the lack of game audio. I was fiddling with OBS, trying to get it to record the game audio but not the VOIP my friend and I were using but time was short (There were only a matter of minutes left in the alpha) so I gave up. Just so that it isn't silent, I put some music from the game in the video.

09-23-2016, 12:10 AM
It's not really a pathing issue. The AI is designed to sit in that room when they are taking/holding the objective. So generally they will just sit in that room until someone comes within range to start fighting/taking it.

Since it's a duel mode, it's probably just left over ai from the other mode, where it's waiting for you to get close before it comes out to fight. Like in the tutorial.

I'm guessing it gets 'stuck' because the AI is looking for the defense to be tripped, but there really isn't one.