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09-21-2016, 10:07 PM
I have an idea for a FREE expansion, and yes i am that naive, but is nothing too big tho. Rather than just add classes or factions ( like Rainbow 6 Siege) to the game, it comes with a new story about the civilizations before the ones in for honor, a prequel to the story.

Its an about how spartans (warborn?), romans (legion?), and persians (chosen?) were fighting for a place that could endure the apocalypse that was foretold many years from then. But their war itself brings the death to all of them, and the warning of an apocalypse, lost to the ages. Nice huh? But in terms of gameplay, i would add for each faction, just one class (due for lack of cavalry / ranged combat in the game):

Roman - Praetorians :

/// Heavy Infantry /// Gladius with tower shield /// Can boost grunts offense and defense with shield formations /// Can trow javelins for massive damage, but easily dodged /// medium damage high health and low agility

Spartan - Hoplites :

/// Spear Infantry /// Doru with Aspis, but can switch doru with a xiphos for lesser damage but higher agility /// Can boost grunts offense and defense with phalanx formations /// high damage, low health, high agility.

Persian - Immortals :

/// Elite Infantry /// Dual Shamshir /// Can bring a wave of immortal grunts to target location /// medium damage, Medium health, high agility

What do you guys think? not that hard to come true, except for the story...but all i can do is hope ;D

09-22-2016, 01:55 AM
Add this and add ninjas :)