View Full Version : A discussion of handedness in warriors

09-20-2016, 04:58 PM
I have this posted on the reddit, but I was hoping to get some insight "straight from the source." I have been thinking about this since the alpha where I, along with many other warriors on this subreddit enjoyed a fair amount of success in giving my opponents glorious deaths. What "handed" are the opponents that I am facing across that screen? As a pretty hard lefty (write, sports, eat, most everything) I couldn't help but notice that most people were opening their attacks on my left side, meaning they are opening using their right hand. I thought to myself "how weird, I find myself favoring my warriors left hand, thus approaching many opponents from their right side." This is one of the first games of this kind where I have the option (huge souls/bloodborne fan, but unless you duel wield, the attacks always came out with the right hand). I played alot of berserker, by far my favorite class, which had me going in often attacking without regard to what would happen next. I tried to mix-up as much as possible, but when you see red (2 red guys in front of me to be exact), and that heart starts pounding because I wanted two red heads rolling on the floor, I found myself favoring my left-side attacks to start my infinite chains. Now, I played mostly dominion so chaos reigned supreme here, but even in duels I emerged victorious nearly 90% of the time.
A big part of me is thinking the "mmr" system was not properly in place so there was no accounting for the experience and skill level of my opponents, but I would love to hear from others if there is any merit to this idea that in game, you tended to reflect your handedness in your characters attacks?
Historically, there has been alot of speculation that the southpaws have an advantage in combat simply because the attacks they throw out look weird and are not expected by the opponent in 1v1 combat. Of course, this would not stand in any Greek phalanx or formal combat formations (we all saw 300, but that was very much a real thing, everyone wielded their shield with the left in order to create the "wall of spears and shields"). Additionally, and I wish I had more time with the alpha for this, but I am wondering if there were any differences in attack speed between a hero's left strike and right strike.
The conqueror comes to mind especially simply because they carried the shield in their left hand at all times, unlike the raider, who seemed almost to be ambidextrous. That being said, the raider's unblockable comes from his right side as well. The orochi's backdodge attack also strikes from his/her right side. I have been trolling through some gameplay videos in the past hour and am seeing alot more people initiating attack sequences from their right side.
To be clear, I am certainly not saying anything like "haha, I'm lefty so I'm just naturally better." Not at all, I got my clock cleaned plenty of times during alpha. I would like to hear from people, as honestly as they can recollect, were they reflecting their handedness in game?

TL:DR- Do you think your handedness(lefty or righty) was shown in your gameplay during the alpha?

PS: I would die for data from Ubi on this (if they are capable of it. I'm wondering since we were able to learn statistics about how many doors were closed in The Division beta and such). I would love to just have a raw number of left stance swings, up stance swings, and right stance swings in the alpha. If it was possible to also count character specific attacks like Orochi's back dash right attack or raiders unblockable right attack in that total, all the better.