View Full Version : Demystifying death - Post death recap suggestion

09-20-2016, 03:05 AM
I feel like a great deal of people's frustrations and confusions about the game would be alleviated with a post-death recap of what happened in their last moment.
To avoid information overload this information should probably require pressing a button to display.

Thing's I'd like to see:

What killed you (attack, environmental hazard, feats)
Damage you took (already available to some extent)
Your state at the moment of death (attacking, guarding, guard broken, in hitstun (reeling), knocked down, stumbling)

If you were blocking, indicate the direction the game saw you blocking and the direction you were killed from
If killed during hitstun, guard break, stumbling or knocked down, indicate the information about the attack that put you into that state
[For guard break show how much you missed the counter window by, if you tried to counter within 1 second (before or after)]

If you pressed heavy attack within 1 second of your death (before or after), indicate which direction you were trying to parry in, and by how many milliseconds you were off from the swing that killed you. (that includes showing that I tried to parry left and timed it correctly, but I was actually hit top so it was useless)
Any buffs or debuffs affecting you (revenge, stun, defense up/down, attack up/down, poison, bleeding, on fire)
Any buffs or debuffs affecting your enemy
If killed by an unblockable, be sure to mention that (and perhaps show a tip about dodging or parrying)

09-20-2016, 04:46 AM
This sounds like a great in game system to learn. I would also like to add a slow-mo of your death(not the executions part just the part of the battle where you lost). It is easier to spot your mistake that way rather than in the heat of the fight