View Full Version : UI, Screens, and Practice Mode Suggestions

09-20-2016, 01:55 AM
I have noticed a lot of UI improvements and general layout changes I would love to see in the game before launch.

1. The moveset screens need arrows to indicate there is more information in those lists. Currently it looks as if you cannot scroll down.
2. Being able to see moveset and controller screens while a game is loading and in lobby would really help. I always want to go back to the moveset just after I've chosen a hero but I can't.
3. Don't reset the character poses after a round, just keep the camera where it was on the final kill. Looks better than a reset character with cloth physics and no animation.
4. The training videos for each hero are very nice, but I really just want to skip through them to replay certain moves over and over. Having these as interactible items on the moveset screen would really make it easy to see what you're looking for rather than play a loooong video over and over.
5. I enjoy Soul Calibur moveset screens which indicate what attacks are unblockable, result in a guard break, etc. And they include all of the moves possible, even simple ones. Then in training you can click on them and see your character perform those moves in realtime.
6. Please remove the tutorial from general practice rounds. I just want to go straight into fighting bots instead of replaying the tutorial.
7. Please make it so I can pause in practice
8. Please make it so I can duel a single hero bot, or two, change them from attacking to dummy, etc. and perform moves on them. Once again, I reference Soul Calibur's training mode for this. Having invincibility on yourself and a bot makes practice much more worthwhile. Also, if I could change hero types in practice then I wouldn't have to exit and reload (which currently results in me replaying the tutorial yet again).
9. Private matches with friends?????

Really liking the game. I would love to see some improvements to UI, training videos and moveset screens, and then a LOT of changes to Practice mode. This is the only way the community is going to get better at the game and really enjoy it. Otherwise people will get upset if they can't beat players that happened to scroll down the moveset screens or watch all the advanced videos. And I'm sure you want a strong competitive community. Soul Calibur is a great reference for a great practice mode.