View Full Version : Thoughts from someone who played the game whole weekend

09-19-2016, 10:04 PM

I wish to share my thoughts with the community and maybe with some moderators too about the game For Honor. I played it last weekend pretty much. Sadly I noticed the e-mail on saturday so I missed the friday. These are totally my opinions and you're free to express yours but let's be mature.

First of all: I loved the core game. The swordfighting felt already pretty smooth. I had some epic duels and 2v2 but after awhile I joined Dominion (4v4) and played pretty much that only. It's amazing feeling if you win 1v2+ situations in this game. Graphics worked at very high settings even that this game isn't ready and more optimization might appear in future.

However there are things that gave me hard time and wanted me to turn off the computer. Situation: Amazingly tight duel between my Samurai and enemy Viking.... then... "Re-establishing connection, please hold..... 3" ".........2" "......1" and game rolls back 2 seconds, then we duel 5seconds and same thing happens with same 2 second rollback... Before the timing starts, your screen is turning into light-blue and white thing flashes in the middle like abstergo industries. Then those things I typed happens. SUCH AN IMMERSION BREAKER!! I wouldn't care if the opponent would be kicked due to high latency or lag a bit but please, that's just horrible! Once that flash-bash thing happened 4 times in row... I just saw red in my eyes and i wanted to quit the game asap. There has to be better way than this, more smoother.

I also hope that the lobbies would wait to be full before starting the game and wouldn't get people into the game when it's already going (Im talking about 4v4 mode). Give some stick to the leavers, like 5 minute cooldown before they can join into the next game. I also don't enjoy at all when games start 2v4. It's not that bad to wait that the lobby is actually full before launching match. I also don't enjoy when Im entering into games that have been rolling already for several minutes.... you just check scores "we got 25 points and enemy 589 and they're holding all the bases" and I couldn't do anything about it and now im supposed to repair the situation?

Last problem or more of an opinion: Factions. The gameplays and trailers from E3 and other sources have given me an image that the game has factions etc. However... in 2v2 Brawl and 4v4 Dominion, I saw no faction things... it even sounded silly in my head that Samurais defend the attack from Vikings. Im a viking but im defending samurai? Theres also random 2 vikings and a knight on my side. Enemy has 1 viking, 1 knight and 2 samurais. I really like the factions and I would like to see that devs would even risk the online mode and go deeper with factions. There was a faction choice at beginning of the game but there was a text "this choice has no meaning" or something. Maybe factions are more a thing when game is released? I don't know.

Would I buy this game at this state? Yes. I know that I wrote lot of stuff about things that could be improved but that's because I would love to see this game sharped into a flawless piece. The combat is enjoyable (AAA really), screen is pretty clean from UI so it makes the game fun to watch, dueling music is very epic and other soundtrack is great too. I've been waiting an AAA online game like this for while and I've been keeping my eye out pretty closely on this one. With some adjustments this can be one of my favorite game. The devs clearly have been working with the combat to be this smooth and that's a good thing because it's the thing in this game what we're mostly going to do... GOOD JOB!

I can't wait for next beta weekend if there is going to be one. Iam very excited about all the perks what heroes can learn at high level. There's still couple heroes that I didn't play that much.