View Full Version : Can't Change My Hair?

09-19-2016, 06:29 PM
Hi Ubisoft,

First off, great work on the game so far. Aside from server issues and less than a handful of minor glitches, the game to me felt like it could be released tomorrow! So I applaud your team for creating such a great experience.

I also want to applaud you on the amount of character customization you have allowed for us in the game. Even in the alpha, I was surprised that there was so much I could do to personalize each of my characters. It even surpasses what most games today have, and you were holding back! This for me is a blessing, as I am one of the players who take character customization very seriously. Which is why I wanted to ask...

In the full game release, are you planning on allowing us to customize character's hair? I know it doesn't matter much for some characters, (Male Warden, Conquerer, Kensei, Orochi) But the Vikings' where their hair is normally visible through their beards or mohawks, they always seem to have the light brown hair color to them. Fine and dandy I would say unless I change the skin color to one of the shades of brown there are. Having a character who looks like they're from Africa or the middle east but have light brown hair, (though not unheard of) does look a little odd to me. Then with the female Warden, always seeing a blonde ponytail coming out the bottom of the helmet.

I almost feel bad for asking for MORE customization with there already being so much, but it is the finer details you know? So I'm curious and hoping that you might already have plans to not only allow us to change our character's hair color and maybe even style? If not, maybe that could be something to implement? If you have the resources to do so of course.

Otherwise, keep doing what you do best and looking forward to future betas and the full release!