View Full Version : Just... wow

09-19-2016, 01:29 PM
I got my hands on the alpha at the weekend via a friend's invite and I am absolutely stunned. I kept asking him "Is this really still an alpha?" - I simply couldn't believe how polished and balanced the game felt.

My main praises:

I've noticed other players complaining about revenge mode. It's great, please don't change it! It gives the outnumbered player a real fighting chance without seeming OP (after all you can prevent revenge in the first place, and you can easily deal with it once it's active simply by playing more defensively).
I haven't found a single class to seem overpowered. I love the diversity - your design team have done an amazing job of balancing so far. There is a specific scenario/environment that seems to be an advantage/disadvantage to every class. Figuring these out with my friends has been great fun.
The animations are superb. Execution kills are so satisfying that they became a drug to me.
Please recognise whoever came up with the idea of recovering health on points in dominion. It allows people to stay in the game without having to suicide and keeps dominion matches focused around objectives. My buddy raised this point and it made me realise how much worse dominion would be without it.

(Very) minor concerns:

I've seen a lot of players complaining that about other players being able to run away too easily. I don't think this is an issue in standard dominion gameplay (running away means you can't capture the points!) - however at the end of dominion (during breaking phase) it can turn into a game of cat and mouse, unnecessarily dragging the game out. Not really a big deal, but would be nice to shorten this cat-and-mouse period somehow.
Falling attacks are incredibly satisfying to pull off, however just sometimes not worth it as you'll lose most of your health in the process (and probably killed soon thereafter as a result). Could there be a system to reduce the fall damage taken from a (successful) falling attack?
I would love to see a 3v3 brawl mode implemented. I know this is probably a big change for such a late stage in development, but if you have a party size of 3 it would mean you can mix up the gamemodes a little without having to play dominion with 1 stranger (or bot).
Training mode was a little sparse and left me quite unprepared for actual pvp combat, but your matchmaking algorithms seemed to sort this out quite nicely, allowing me to learn against other new players (or at least that's how it seemed to me).

All in all, I spent most of the weekend playing this game because I just literally couldn't stay away from it. I just want to buy everyone on the development team a beer for this (but I'll be spending my money on the gold/collectors edition instead I think). Keep up the astounding work!