View Full Version : Nice Alpha, Got another? (general feedback)

09-19-2016, 11:54 AM
Really had a good time with the alpha. Seems quite polished and mechanically sound.

during the weekend my favourite character changed several times which if nothing else speaks to the balance of the game in general. I didn't feel like any character was OP, despite some of the complaints about the orochi I've seen here. all the characters had their strengths and the winner of any fight was down to skill. or occasionally lag.

which brings me onto the main issue I had with the game. When host player left the game (usually in a flood of salty tears.) The reconnection was a bit choppy. sometimes it would just migrate to the new host no problems, others it would say "restoring game state" count down from 3 and repeat after a few seconds. It got a bit annoying at one point it happened during a fight which I was winning handily, only to reset, see my opponent healed and me on a 1/4 of my health (of course that would be the time it didn't reset) other times I would get disconnected entirely after the 3rd or 4th attempt to sync the game state. Perhaps dedicated servers would solve this issue, to be honest a game thats so reliant on timing and precision movement really needs them.

Another issue that I had was joining in the middle of a game. Its pretty annoying to go through the whole loading process only to get into a game that you are losing 900-150 or something. You could be the best player in the world and you ain't turning that wagon round. often I would join a game to spawn in the middle of a battlefield mid execution. not game breaking perhaps, but still annoying.

Other than that, I cant think of any negatives. I REALLY liked the game experience thus far, Can't wait to see what the new characters will bring to the table (really want to try the halberd guy) Keep up the good stuff!